World Lion Day

World Lion Day : a Tribute to the King and the Queen

August 10 – International Lion Day

No one really knows who initiated this World Lion Day, but it is nevertheless welcome because the animal is in danger. It is estimated that the number of lions has dropped by more than 40% in Africa in recent years. It has disappeared from twelve countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Yet the king of the savannah 👑 has no predator. With the exception of man, of course: poachers and Western hunters continue to kill the beast despite bans. The lion’s claws, as well as its teeth and bones, are prized on the black market.

The only positive note in India is that, according to the government, the number of Asiatic lions has risen to 600. In the 1960s, there were less than 180 lions.

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The Lioness, Queen of the Animals

One might think that with its title of king and its sun-shaped mane, the lion would only have to bend down to find its soul mate… the queen. However, when it comes to love, the Lioness is in charge.

It is she who accepts or not her male. He will have to be the leader of the pack to hope to be able to conquer his girl. Then, he will have to master her, notably by biting her sometimes until she bleeds, to hope to impregnate her. The sexual act can be repeated up to 50 times in the same day, and this during three to four days in a row.

We understand better why the lion needs to rest up to twenty hours a day, because the king of animals is also in the top 10 of the laziest animals in the world.

Represented in Art Since Prehistoric Times

The lion fascinates and has always fascinated. It is one of the most represented felines in art. As early as the Paleolithic era, it appears on paintings. It is deified by the Egyptians, who use it in their fountain to make it spit water. It is a symbol of strength for the Christians. Finally, in China, it is at the origin of a dance that is supposed to ward off evil spirits during the New Year, even though felines are not present in the country.

Madonna, Coco Chanel, Napoleon, Barack Obama, Audrey Tautou or Alexandre Dumas are not felines but are all of the astrological sign of Leo. All of them were born between July 23rd and August 22nd. In the zodiac, Leo symbolizes power, generosity, but also pride. They love to be surrounded and to be obeyed.

Lions Unite for Sight and Blindness Prevention

Since 1988, Lions World Sight Day has raised awareness of the importance of eye care and the need for quality eye care services for all.
During this special day of service, Lions clubs around the world conduct vision-related projects, including vision screenings, eyeglass donations, reconstructive surgery, eyeglass programs and other eye care services,
reconstructive surgery, eye disease awareness programs and assistive devices for the visually impaired.

Lions World Sight Day is held in October. This year, Lions are encouraged to hold their own World Sight Day activities
in conjunction with Lions International Sight Week.

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In this World Lion Day, Here are 12 things you should know about lions :

Lions Are Key Predators

which means they help create food opportunities for many other animals in search of food, and they also help keep the ecosystem in balance by preventing overpopulation of certain animal species (prey).

Lions Have Existed Since the Ice Age

When they were found in Africa, Eurasia, the Indian subcontinent and the Americas from the Yukon to modern-day Peru.

Lions First Evolved 1 Million Years Ago in Africa

The modern lion first appeared 1 million years ago in eastern and southern Africa.

Lions Have Been Bred in Captivity for So Long

77% of them do not match the known genetic groups in the wild. This means that captive-bred lions could represent an important genetic diversity boost for declining wild populations.

Lions Are Generally Fawn-colored

But there are small wild subpopulations with rare colors. In South Africa, there is a population known for leucism, which results in a very light blond coat; and in Iran, there is a melanistic population with a dark brown, almost black coat.

Lions Sleep About 20 Hours a Day

Just after dawn, there is a flurry of socialization and grooming activities.

The Lion Is the Most Social of the Big Cats

Family groups consist mainly of females, cubs and a dominant male and other adult males.

Lions Are Classified as “Hypercarnivores”

Which means that more than 70% of their diet consists of meat.

Lions Prefer Hunting Large Prey

Smaller prey usually do not provide enough food to justify the energy expended in hunting them, so lions prefer to go after larger prey, usually between 190 and 550 kg, even though these are too difficult or dangerous to hunt.  They will hunt smaller animals, such as warthogs, if necessary.

Lions Have Several Fierce Rivals for Territory and Food

But no more than hyenas. Both are large social predators that play a similar role in the ecosystem. So tensions can get very high, especially when it comes to food.

Lion Cubs Have Distinctive Spots

Its helps them blend into the undergrowth for better camouflage. These slowly fade as they mature.

Lions rub their heads and lick their necks in a friendly greeting

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