What Does the Zodiac Sign of Leo Mean

What Does the Zodiac Sign of Leo Mean ?

The Lion ? is a fascinating animal. Powerful and majestic, it naturally imposes itself as the King of animals. If you too are lucky, you were born a Leo. You are therefore almost of royal blood ?. If you don’t have the same sharp teeth and the same roar, you have an astral connection to him. Otherwise, don’t worry, you may have a Leo in your entourage that you can understand better. If you’re curious about this astrological sign and want to know what makes it so special, you’ve come to the right place ?!

1) the Leo Zodiac Sign Origin

leo constellation stars

To understand where the strength of the sign of Leo comes from, it is necessary to know the origin of the astrological signs. They come from a division of the zodiac, that is to say a circular zone of 360° of the celestial vault ?, by Claude Ptolemy in 100 BC. Four equal parts of 90° were first constituted to represent the seasons, followed by a division in three parts of 30° to constitute the months of these seasons.

In its cycle, the sun ? will successively cross these twelve zones, each composed of a constellation. The constellations then gave their names to the signs. It should be noted that the dates of the astrological signs differ according to the tropical (the main one used), sidereal and astronomical measurements. You will be lucky to be of the sign of Leo if your date of birth is between July 23rd and August 23rd. Leo is the second Fire Sign ? in the Astral chart.

And what about the Lion ? in all this? Why is it surprising that the constellation of Leo has one of the brightest stars in the night sky? Regulus, called “The heart of the Lion”, is as majestic as his totem animal. Almost 4 times more massive than our sun, it is 130 times brighter than our sun. No wonder then that the warmth ? of this star ✨ symbolizes the warmth of summer and the strength of the Lion.

A. Profile of the Leo Astrological Sign

lion hiding in grass

Leo is like Aries and Sagittarius, a sign of fire ? (as opposed to air, water and earth). They have in common the characteristic of being extroverted personalities with easy contact. An irresistible enthusiasm emanates from their person, making it possible to shed light on the sometimes dull existence of other signs. Motivation, strength and vitality are the characteristics attached to the very positive sign of the King of the Animals ?. But let’s go into more detail about the characteristics of Leo

B. Leo Character Traits

lion and lioness love

Like her animal-totem, the person born under the sign of Leo is an ambitious leader ?. Lions are very voluntary and set strict goals. Whether it’s love, business or personal, Lions will use all their passion and rage ? to achieve their goal. Tireless, they have an explosive life dynamic. When it’s time to attack, they will give 100%. No wonder Lions are very curious, nothing escapes their watchful eye. Their thirst to learn is as great as their rage to defeat ?.

powerful lion in the savannah

Of course, the Lions ? know how to rest around their loved ones, around their pack. They are very social personalities. They like to gather around their band of friends or family. Sympathetic and protective, they will often push their entourage to admiration. Particularly provided with a very great generosity, they know how to impose themselves ⚡ naturally in a group. Many people will thus come to seek comfort from the Lion. They bring warmth and help to put balm in the heart ❤️. Just as Leo struggles for himself, so too will Leo struggle to solve the problems of those around him.

majestic lion in the savannah

Lions have something majestic, like the masters of the Savannah. Even if they do not know that they belong to the celestial sign of the king, the royal blood ? flows in their vein and is felt. They are proud and strong with an infallible but not irrational self-confidence that can only lead to admiration ?.

2) Leo the Sign of the Conqueror

Proud of his royal blood ⚜️, people with the powerful sign of Leo love to conquer. They like to lead the troops, dominate and be loved. “I prefer to be the first in a village, than second in Rome,” said Julius Caesar. Lions will certainly not contradict him! They are conquerors. The Lion is ambitious and sometimes pushy. He wishes to rise socially, to be part of the greatest ? and why not go down in history.

The Lion knows how to discipline and galvanize the members around him to make cohesion around a common goal. However, as a charismatic leader with a fiery temperament, he knows how to inspire love and kindness under what can sometimes be rough areas ?. He knows how to impose the same rules on himself as those he dictates to his listeners. Jean-Charles Pichon, French writer and philosopher, even traces the origins of the institution of royalty ? by signs of the Leo ?. It would also be him who would have allowed great conquests such as the taming of the horse. Therefore, why should we be surprised that illustrious figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Neil Armstrong are all of the sign of the Leo?

lion in the savannah

The painting is not always pink for all that. Just like the master of the Savannah, the Lion can be impulsive or even capricious ? and can show the fangs. He likes to be respected and he takes care of it. Moreover, he likes what is beautiful, like the magnificent mane that this magnificent predator wears. Exuberant, he will not hesitate to show material or physical ease. Leo may have a tendency to exasperate those around him with overconfidence and a narcissistic side. However, he is very quickly forgiven. Indeed, these actions are never to the detriment of a natural generosity that he knows how to maintain through unfailing devotion. The Abbé Pierre ✝️ was thus a Lion ready to give himself body and soul for the most destitute. Indeed, Leo knows how to protect the weakest. Even if he likes to be put forward, like the Lions at the center of their harem, his hold is not destructive but protective.

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A. Strong and Resistant Like a Lion

proud lion in the savannah

Have you ever seen a Lion in action ?? That’s 175kg of muscles and top speeds at 70km/h ?, not to mention the prodigious long jumps he can do at over 10 meters ?. Well, a person of the sign of the Leo is the same. And with good reason, Leos are very athletic people who develop good physical skills and good health. Especially since they have a steely mentality, to be correlated with their tendency to give 100%. In this sense it is not surprising to find great athletes with the royal astrological sign ⚜️: Usain Bolt, Roger Federer…

Besides, have you ever seen a sick Lion? I haven’t either, probably because Lions are generally well-constituted and better able to resist illness.

3) the Lioness, the Surprising Seductress

beautiful lionesses in the savannah

Who wouldn’t do anything to attract the fervor of a lioness or a lion? They are beautiful ?, majestic and they know it. This is especially true for the lioness. In love ❤️, she likes to be looked at, she likes to be desired. She likes to be elegant and chic, even a little ostentatious. But it doesn’t matter because what matters is that she enjoys herself and that every day is a new adventure.

lioness ready to hunt

That’s why in love ?, the lioness is not passively waiting for someone to come and accost her. On the contrary, she likes to take the lead and use her charms to seduce ?. However, liking to be desired does not rhyme with infidelity. On the contrary, the lioness is a very faithful person who will remain loyal to the man who has succeeded in making her fall in love with him. Just like her male counterpart, she is protective and in particular of the family cocoon that she will be able to create. Nevertheless, she is not the type to be satisfied with the daily routine. To preserve the flame ?, it is necessary to know how to surprise the lioness, how to propose her activities but especially that each week is not the same.

4) the Faithful and Protective Love of the Lion

lion and lioness in love

The Lion ? is just as majestic and pleasant. You just have to see his totem-animal, to observe his mane to understand what we are talking about. However, just as the animal is not aware of the incredible beauty and royal air ? emanating from its attributes, the man of the sign of Leo will not notice it either. He possesses a charm that is unknown only to him. However, he likes to please and to feel loved body and soul by the one who will have succeeded in capsizing him. The lucky ones who grab a royal heart will have the chance to be pampered and covered with attention. Indeed, Leo is a sentimental person. He attaches great importance to romanticism ? and offers passionate love to his sweetheart. Caring, faithful and romantic are some of the many sentimental qualities of Leo. He will never willfully hurt his girlfriend by hiding things from her. His credo remains above all honesty. A stable relationship can be built on the trust he can inspire and the comforting side of this big heart protector.

5) in a Few Words …

lion hunting

The Lion ? is therefore a being that will put you at ease. Attractive and extroverted, he promises to transmit all his ardor and to push you towards the craziest projects. Warm and protective, all comfort can be found with this force of nature. However, it can sometimes be too demonstrative or even ostentatious ⚜️ . But no intention to hurt or crush comes from his person. Generous and loyal, he does not impose himself by force but by his natural leadership that will rally the crowds around him.

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