top reasons why leo is the best sign

Top 10 Reasons why Leo is the Best zodiac Sign

After my post about the king of the jungle it turns out that my fingers slipped on the keyboard and I meant to say that it was the astrological sign of Leo which is the most perfect sign of the Zodiac of all the bunch. I know you’re dubious so let me give you a few not-so-perfect reasons.

1. Because it is from the Element of Fire

And everyone knows that fire is light and destruction. So Leos are the beginning and the end, life and death, episode 1 and the final season, take off and landing.

2. Because they are Hyperactive people with Big Hearts

This is their greatest trait. Lions are always doing a lot of things at the same time and manage their lives in an organized mess. However, they know how to take care of those around them by giving them massages or buying them Pokemon boosters.

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3. Because Barack Obama, J-Lo, Abbé Pierre, Jennifer Lawrence and Roger Federer are Leos

As well as Usain Bolt, François Hollande, Bugs Bunny, Sylvain Durif and my co-worker who eats her feces and swims in the subway gutter.

4. Because their Bodies are Built to give Pleasure

Wow, I’ve never seen this before in my life. All the Leo people I know are ultra fit and have amatory and sexual abilities that are beyond comprehension. They deliver orgasms in 12-packs.

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5. Because they are People who Never Give Up

Their fearlessness is their strength. They never give up on anything. I once saw a buddy (who is a Leo) win a raclette eating contest because there was a Diddle keychain to be won. I didn’t say they were smart.

6. Because their Planet is the Sun

Dude the holy Sun. Not some farty planet like Venus or Saturn, but the huge ball of fire that hangs over our heads. These people are a blast.

Photo credit: Giphy

7. Because they Love to Eat Anything and Everything

I’ve cooked the French raclette before, but this goes beyond a simple foodie thing. I’m a terrible cook and one night I made pasta with Nutella and grass and a buddy (who is a Leo) added pieces of tile to garnish his dish.

8. Because the Golden Knight (Saint Seiya) of Leo is a true Prodigy

Aiolia of the 5th house of Sanctuary is the youngest of the Golden Knights. However, he is one of the best and fastest of the team. Respect is required.

Photo source: Giphy

9. Because the Lion the Kings of the Jungle

the royalty and the power of the boss of the beasts made him the king of the jungle.

10. Because a Lion Cub is so Cute

Just like people who are of the sign of Leo. They may be strong and muscular, but they’re still adorable and you just want to cuddle them permanently.

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