Top 10 Lion Head Rings

Top 10 : Lion Head Rings

The meaning of the lion head rings is quite specific depending on the way the jewelry is worn, the placement on the fingers also plays a major role. The lion is a unique symbol that has crossed time in the face of different cultures and mythology. It represents above all authority, strength and wisdom. La Tanière Du Lion is constantly working to offer new and more exquisite products without flouting the origin of the big cats.

We propose you the selection of our 10 best Head of Lions Head :

10) Golden Lion Ring

This Golden Lion Ring is the reference ring in the world of lions. It was born from the desire to show the power and determination of felines through different jewelry. It is durable over time and does not oxidize, which allows it to be kept in all circumstances. Its visual aspect suggests an ancient Templar relic that has survived the ages.

9) Stainless Steel Lion Head Ring

As the name suggests, this Antique Vigor Lion Ring is forged from stainless steel and is as durable as its neighbor above.

This ring is a powerful symbol of authority, remembering that the lion is one of the most dangerous animals in the world! Both simple and wild it does not fail to impress!

8) Coat of Arms Lion Head Ring

Discover the Coat of Arms Lion Head Ring in honor of the order of the temple whose members are called the Templars. It features the Plantagenet Armorial with various coats of arms. Its unique appearance makes it a must for all history and powerful symbols lovers.

Sterling Silver 925

7) Lion of Judah Signet Ring

We continue with this beautiful Lion of Judah Signet Ring. In honor of the creation of the Rastafari movement in early 1930 symbolizing the Rastafarians people. This ring has several symbols, whether Christian, honorific or national.

The lion of Judah on this ring is the ruler of power through this beautiful jewel full of meaning.

Sterling Silver 925

6) Crown Lion Head Ring

Discover the era of yesteryear with this Crown Lion Head Ring featuring a lion on its flanks and a sword on a royal coat of arms. This clever mix combines both the symbols of the lion and the history of France. The steel construction gives this ring an increased resistance to the test of time as well as to any weather conditions.

Sterling Silver 925

5) Leo Constellation & Women’s Lion Rings

This Leo Constellation Ring is the royal reference par excellence. It is a symbol of authority, power and prestige via the lion and its diamonds. It provokes an almost mystical interest because of the power of the symbols.

Here is a small list of the different meanings of the lily:

  • Renewal and rebirth
  • Purity and beauty of youth
  • Fertility and motherhood
  • The royal appearance
  • Passion

Stainless Steel 316L

4) Lion Head Ring

This Lion Head Ring is simply the perfect representation of the lion full of anger and determination. Its stainless steel design makes it unbreakable against the test of time.

Its ample mane and steel fangs help keep it on course when doubt grips the wearer.

Stainless steel 316L

3) Wild Force Lion Ring

This impressive silver lion head ring represents life and death within the lion animal kingdom with its half skull. It is above all a nod to the cycle of life and our mortal condition.

It is distinguished from the first two by its design in solid silver 925 offering an absolutely unbeatable finish. The yellowish mane is the most important element of this artifact, encompassing the entire jewel and demonstrating the royal symbol that remains after death.

Solid Silver 925

2) Lion Head Ring With Crystal

In second place we find the wisdom of the king with this Retro Lion Head Ring With Crystals. The lion with its royal crown is a powerful symbol of wisdom and respect. The stainless steel composition provides an outstanding finish with microscopic details. It is suitable for any jewelry lover with a keen interest in strong emblems.

Stainless steel 316L

1) Eternal Force Lion Ring (Sterling Silver)

Here we are on the first step of the podium and it is not by chance! This Eternal Force Lion Ring is a set of representations. At first it represents the African Lion and its majestic appearance. But that’s not all, its sides are adorned with animals and trees meticulously engraved in 925 sterling silver symbolizing the magnitude of nature that exceeds us as mere mortals.

More globally, in its shape the ring is very pure, it is free of any futile details that could harm the look of it.

Solid silver 925

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