Save the African Lions

Save the African Lions : Your Word Matters !

To American and European leaders:

As citizens shocked by the tragic killing of Cecil the lion, we urge you to take immediate action to halt the decline of lion populations in Africa. We ask you to ensure that the lion is considered an endangered species and to ban the importation of hunting trophies that jeopardize the survival of this majestic animal.


Lion Trophy Hunting South Africa

An American dentist made headlines by shooting a peaceful lion named Cecil in cold blood.

But this despicable act offers us an unprecedented opportunity to save all the lions of the world.

Like this person, wealthy Europeans and Americans travel to Africa and pay to hunt lions and other exotic animals, then take their trophies home.

hunting a trophy lion
hunting lion trophies
lion killers trophy

If each of us acts now, we can force Europe and the United States to ban the import of trophies when it threatens the survival of these majestic animals.

Some leaders are considering such a move, but to win we need a huge groundswell of global support. We can do it: 1.4% of the world’s Internet users will receive this message. If each of us signs and gets another person to sign, we can reach almost 3%. If we can mobilize 3 people each, that’s 6% of the world’s users we could reach. And so on!

Your word is very important! Sign and spread on Facebook, on Twitter, by email… everywhere you can before the world forgets Cecil.


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