Lion Portrait Bedside Lamp


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Bring originality to your bedside table by using our Lion Portrait Bedside Lamp. A lamp to put you to sleep and wake you up in beauty.

With its glorious and calm design your lion light will bring a calm and beastly style to your bedroom decor. Choose the color that suits you and change it as you wish. This lion king lamp comes with a remote control option if you wish to turn it on remotely.

Treat yourself to our Lion Portrait Bedside Lamp right away and at the same time give yourself the powers of the king lion in your daily life.


Power supplyBy batteries or by AC (cable included)
 Colors7 colors
Dimensions20cm high

5 Reasons to buy your Lion Portrait Bedside Lamp without delay.

1) Being on your favorite store again means you are bound to be a big fan of lions. And that’s beautiful.

2) We select for you quality lion lamps and service to make a lion drool.

3) There’s nothing better than feeling good in your room, and your new lamp will be part of that feeling.

4) Because this Lion Portrait Bedside Lamp is just ultra hot.

5) This Lion King Lamp offers several colors depending on your needs of the moment. Choose the light color that best suits you: dark blue to bring inner calm, light blue that echoes life to make beautiful dreams, fushia to give vitality and cheerfulness, white for balance by its symbolism of purity, green brings hope and represents nature as the king lion, pink inspires happiness and seduction, orange promotes communication and good humor while the red is a warm and energetic color both symbolizes passion. It’s up to you to play with your lion lamp now and if you take the option with remote control a variation of no less than 20 colors are possible!

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