Kitten Lion Mane


Cute Kitten Lion Mane that will look too good on your faithful best friend.

Click here for a fake dog lion mane and a fake cat lion mane to defend your pet from the perils of the cool weather. Dressing him up in a fake lion mane for dog or cat is a super awesome funny photo opportunity.

MaterialPolyester / Cotton
CareMachine wash 30°C

FREE SHIPPING | Exclusive Stylish Lion product 🦁

Dear lion tamers, Lion Kingdom shares with you the best lion manes for your faithful companion. Honor your pet and convert it into a wild beast with its Lion Mane Kitten.

All our fake lion manes dog and fake lion manes cat are made to safeguard your best friend. Also, rejoice with him and show him how much you love him with his Lion Mane Kitten outfit. Choose a white lion mane, a black lion mane or a brown lion mane depending on your playmate. Now we’ll leave you together for some lovely bonding time!

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