Child Lion Bedside Lamp


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Make your child happy by adopting our Lion Bedside Lamp. Bring joy and cheerfulness to his environment.

With a playful and peaceful design, your lion bedside lamp will bring a pleasant and natural design to your interior decoration. A lion king lamp that will help him have sweet dreams.

Too cute this Child Lion Bedside Lamp. Give your little one the joyful company of the lion king!


Power supplyBy batteries or by AC (cable included)
Dimensions23cm x 21cm

4 Reasons to get your Child Lion Bedside Lamp without further delay.

1) Being on Stylish Lion means that you are undoubtedly a fan of the lion. And that, it is already a good reason.

2) We offer you quality lamps and an after-sales service to make a lion cub drool.

3) There’s nothing better than having your child feel good in his room, and his new lion nightlight will be part of that feeling.

4) Because this Child Lion Bedside Lamp is just so hot.

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