Bikers Lion Head Bracelet (Sterling Silver)


  • Gender : Bikers ☠️
  • Material : 925 Sterling Silver
  • Weight : 104 gr
  • Color : Vintage Solid Silver
  • Length : 9.8 inch
  • Careful and Precise details

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A jewel for real men reflecting the charisma and the presence of the lion. A stylish Bikers Lion Head Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver that delights lovers of adventure and freedom.

Why you should wear this Bikers Lion Head Sterling Silver Bracelet?
Our Silver Lion Bracelets are made of genuine 925 Sterling Silver. They make perfect Men’s Jewelry. The creators of lion jewelry and their range of bracelets and bracelets will seduce you. Our bracelets with the effigy of the lion bring together jewelry of a majestic strength.
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