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Find out our Lion T-Shirts in the Effigy of the King of the Savannah!

Succumb for one of our magnificent T-Shirts with the effigy of the Lion! All our Lion T-Shirts are unisex and available in several sizes. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s to assert your personality, to show off your favorite animal or to help you face a complicated challenge, this type of Animal T-Shirt is made for you!

Be Proud of Your Zodiac Sign : Leo

The Leo Zodiac Sign is above all a symbol of strength and courage. It is the king of the Savannah, do not forget it! The Totem of the Lion reflects the power to lead. You are the leader of the pack. So show it off with one of our sublime Lion T-shirts. And if you’re a woman, show your girl power! After all, a Lion is never far from his lioness.

Connecting with your animal helps you learn how to control your mood, anger and aggression. Your communication with others will only get better. He can be an ally in moments of meditation to make it easier to get in touch with his totem pole.

Leo is also the astrological sign for people born between July 23rd and August 22nd. So you can show it to others. After all, one of the characteristics of this sign is to love being in the spotlight, isn’t it? Above all, it’s a sign that is highly appreciated and trustworthy. Lions are warm, generous and unifying.

Be in Lion’s Fashion

Silk screen printed t-shirts are basic but very fashionable clothes. If you like animals and especially the King, then this type of tee is for you.

With last year’s Lion King movie, an animal came back to the forefront. If you were born in the 90’s, it’s the “reference” cartoon of your generation. Since then, it has been the favorite wild animal of young and old.

Its beauty will dress your outfit and give it pep. It will give you a wilder look. The Lion T-Shirt can be worn all year round no matter the season and the moment. It is an easy and pleasant garment to wear.

You can wear it alone or with a vest or jacket. The Lion pattern comes in different models and colors to please the most people. So it will adapt to all styles: classic, rock, sexy or casual!

The Lion T-Shirt can be an order for yourself but also for an original gift to offer to one of your loved ones.

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