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Our Lion Stickers

As a big lion fan, we all like to have the feline around us, and our decoration is no exception to the rule. At home the feline should be present on as many walls as possible to show our love for this prestigious animal. Many of the items in this collection are lion stickers to display in one of your favorite rooms. 🦁
Our range consists of small size stickers, large size stickers, color stickers and our favorite: black and white models offering us a sober and elegant style! Our wide range is bound to charm you and meet the needs of the biggest lion fans. The lion king stickers are obviously the great favorites of children for rooms reminding us of the adventures of Simba and his friends! The lion conveys great strength and energy just by seeing one of them in our home. So why miss this opportunity not to adopt it!

Adopt a Lion Sticker Yourself

Our wall decorations are perfect for a wild spirit in your home. Imagine a black lion on the white wall of your bedroom… Or in the middle of your living room for an unusual decoration… Don’t be afraid to adopt a lioness sticker with the king of animals for even more “wow” results and conquered friends when they visit the house! 😵

If our ultra wild stickers aren’t wild enough for you, please take a tour of our lion carpets collection right away offering you a truly practical decor element out of this world!

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