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1) How to Wear a Lion Ring?

A jewel speaks about its owner, by its style, then by its material but also by its symbolism. The Lion has always symbolized strength, nobility and royalty. Many monarchs had a Lion on their coat of arms and in particular the King of England Richard I, known as the Lion Heart, so nicknamed because of his bravery.

Indeed, wearing a ring adorned with a Lion or a Lion’s Head is not insignificant and conveys a very strong message. The lucky owner of such a Jewel cannot ignore its symbolism, nor the messages that it spreads through this ornament. A Lion Jewel is the signature of its owner. He chose it and wears it in contact with his skin. The body becomes the jewel case and each one sublimates the other.

But the way a Lion Jewel is worn is itself a message. And for good reason, a classic or more original or even downright eccentric wear will intensify and modulate this message. On the other hand, this meaning can vary according to times, countries and cultures.

Generally, the Lion Rings are worn on men’s hands but more and more women don’t hesitate to adopt this symbol of Feline. Yes, often to signify that they themselves are Lionesses!

2) the Lion Ring: Vintage or Modern?

In fact, both styles have their charm. A Vintage and chiseled Lion Ring is a beautiful ornament that will emphasize the one who wears it. No rules apply. If vintage is and remains a sure value and very trendy, a Lion Head Ring with very pure lines will also bring a very classy and distinguished touch to its owner.

In fact, the choice is generally made according to circumstances and fashion. However, there is nothing to prevent you from making a different choice and to offer yourself or someone else a more classic, timeless piece of jewelry. It is quite conceivable to choose a single beautiful piece of a major brand.

Besides, the big jewelry and couture houses have not been mistaken. They all have in their collections, rings in the effigy of the King of the Savannah.

3) the Lion Ring: Made of Metal or Precious Material?

This fawn jewel is of all beauty whether it is in silvery metal, chased or not, blackened or even elaborated in the most precious metals. A Ring representing a Lion Head will always make an effect whether it is in Gold or Silver. Of course Stainless Steel will give a more rocky look while 925 Gold or Silver will give a more sophisticated note to your Lion Head Ring.

4) Lion Rings With Precious Stones?

Many Lion Rings are inlaid with stones, either synthetic or precious, it doesn’t matter. Often the Lion’s Head is depicted either with two rubies to represent the eyes or gently clasping a gemstone in its mouth. Each version has its own beauty and specificity. Either way, they are all beautiful!

5) the Lion Ring Worn as a Unique Piece of Jewelry

A unique Lion Head Ring will certainly enhance a jewel, but especially the hand of the person wearing it. Many people first look at the hands of those they meet for the first time. A hand adorned with a Lion’s Head will catch the attention of the people around the wearer of such a piece.

Originally, the Lion Signet Ring was a Ring with a raised or sunken pattern engraved with the coat of arms of its owner. The latter used it to seal the documents he had sent. He thus proved to the recipient of the letter that it was indeed he who had closed and secured the document that was going to be brought to him.

Symbolically, this Lion Head Signet Ring remains a signature.

6) on Which Finger Should I Wear a Lion Head Ring?

In the end, there are few rules on the choice of finger. Historically, the wearing of the Lion Signet Ring depended on the status of the person in the family. The eldest male in the family wore it on the ring finger, the others, including women, wore it on the little finger.

In fact the choice of finger is not important. However, it is important to know that wearing a Lion Ring on the thumb signified support for the feminist cause in the 80s. Today, it most often means belonging to the gay community.

In the usual gesture, the index finger is used a lot by people who know how to show authority and leadership. The index finger, depending on the way it is pointed, can mean “listen to me” but it can also be threatening if it is pointed at the speaker or pointing in a direction. Wearing an imposing Lion Jewel on this finger will amplify the natural leadership position of one adorned with such a fawn jewel.

The middle finger is the finger of provocation. Indeed, wearing a Lion Ring on the middle finger necessarily enhances this finger. It is the middle finger and the gesture made with this finger is anything but elegant.

For the small history, this gesture was already known with the same meaning among the Romans and before them, among the Greeks. But it is also the finger of assurance, the finger of the person who dares and trusts him. In female warriors, often the middle finger was covered with a large Lion-shaped ring.

Wearing a Lion Ring on the ring finger is very classical but it also means fraternity and union. In noble families, it designates the eldest male of the siblings.

In noble families, a Lion Head Signet Ring worn on the pinkie ring designates above all women and cadets. In the common man, a Lion Signet Ring worn on the little finger is the sign of intuition, clairvoyance and communication. Isn’t it said in popular imagery, my little finger said?

But other meanings are attached to the wearing of the Ring of Lion on the little finger. In the United States, it is customary for engineers to wear their Signet Rings on them. Certain groups, including the Freemasons, also wear their Ring on their little finger.

Of course, not all rings bearers, whether with a Lion motif or otherwise, wish to deliver a subliminal message.

7) the Lion Head Ring: Right Hand or Left Hand?

Except in the nobility where wearing this type of Feline Ring in Signet Ring version has a precise meaning, there is no precise code. A Lion Head Ring will adorn the right hand as well as the left hand without worries.

Moreover, the person, man or woman besides who wears such a Fawn Ring can simply be left-handed or left-handed and obviously reverse the wearing of the Lion Jewel.

8) a Lion Ring Around the Neck?

It is of course never forbidden to wear a Lion Ring as a pendant on a beautiful chain. This way of doing things is more in line with the rap codes and evokes more the bling bling side and will give a bad boy look to a man. This same wear for a woman will evoke more the mysterious and warlike tigress, strong and seductive, of the Lara Croft style.

Nevertheless a Lion Head Ring worn around the neck can lose some of its meaning when it is not highlighted for its beauty and meaning, but for the unusual way it is worn.

9) Wear Several Lion Rings on Your Fingers?

When a Lion Head Ring is worn alone, the message is clear. On the other hand, when this Lion Jewelry is combined with other Jewelry, it is simply used as an ornament. Less attention is paid to its meaning.

Nevertheless, one can of course wear several copies of identical or different Lion Rings. Each one must be able to make speak its style and its unique personality!

10) Wear the Same Lion Head Ring in Several Copies

It is quite possible to acquire a Lion Head Ring in several copies and to align them on several fingers. Of course and on this only condition that the coveted Lion Ring exists in several copies at the jeweler.

But in such a case, it is necessary to take care to marry them harmoniously with the other ornaments already worn on the hands, such as watches and bracelets. It is important to avoid the “jewelry display” effect that will undeniably kill the Lion Ring, even though the latter must convey strong values!

11) and Why Not a Unique Lion Ring?

Most jewelers are likely to create a unique piece, according to your wishes. Nevertheless, it is a real investment and you will have to think carefully about the desired model, or even propose a sketch to the jeweler in order to allow him to be as close as possible to your expectations.

At that moment, all options and fantasies will be possible… The only limits are the constraints of the materials used and the available budget which can very quickly reach heights when the project foresees the inlaying of precious stones. Of course, the big French houses are particularly experienced in this kind of exercise, but a small local craftsman will also create your marvel.

It goes without saying that as soon as the choice is made for a unique piece with the effigy of its owner, there is nothing to prevent the owner from ordering several copies, either identical, or with slight variations to harmonize the rings when all or several of them are worn.

12) the Lion Ring Associated With Other Rings

The Lion Rings are easy to wear with other Rings of different styles. It is simply always and again a question of harmony. The first Ring that comes to mind is the wedding ring worn by married people. Since the wedding ring is more of a symbol than a piece of jewelry, there is no disadvantage to wearing them together. Of course, the ideal is to choose these two pieces of jewelry well, one according to the other, when it is possible.

The various Rings do not disdain the presence of a strong piece such as a Lion Head Jewel. Their mixture is done according to the message to be conveyed. If some people prefer a discreet harmonization that will emphasize the main piece, others do not hesitate to wear their jewelry in a staggered way. The current trend allows all fantasies.

13) Hand Care and Manicure

Wearing Lion Head Rings places a strong emphasis on the hands. Therefore, special care must be taken with the hands. They must be clean and carefully moisturized. The nails should be clean and short cut for men. For women, the same advice applies except for the nails, which can be long.

Depending on the style of the Lion Ring and what you want to highlight, the nails, when clean, can be covered with a layer of clear or nude nail polish. Nothing prohibits the use of colored nail polish, but it is important to match the color of the nail polish to the Ring of Lion.

Of course, nail art in case of a plethora of Rings in the effigy of the Lion is prohibited since it would provide too much information. Indeed, the telescoping of shapes and colors would kill these beautiful Lion Jewels. On the other hand, a well chosen and well executed nail art can enhance a Lion Ring worn as a unique piece.

Thus, everyone can choose how to wear this exceptional Feline Jewelry, the possibilities are endless!

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