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Why Buy a Lion Painting?

Invite the Lion into your den to enjoy the many spiritual benefits of this majestic animal. Lion and Lioness represent the sun and the moon respectively. Both refer to familiar symbols that we value on a daily basis. But we must not forget the harmony of this perfect couple of wild beasts. Let’s hope to learn a lot more from them after purchasing a Lion Painting.

Meaning of the Lion Painting

To say that the Lion is the King of the Jungle is rather reductionist. Indeed, it evokes more meaning and significance than it seems. He is attributed positive images such as power, strength, light, sovereignty and also the sun.

Great historical figures such as Buddha, Christ and Krishna have often been associated with Lion. For his part, the Buddha, baptized Lion of the Shakya, used the same feline as throne. Among the Buddhists, the roar of the Lion represents the voice of Sidharta which reveals the power of the law.

Some kingdoms did not deprive themselves of the image of the Lion to establish their power. Among them are the famous Solomon and several Kings of France. Christ, nicknamed the Lion of Judah, was at the origin of representations related to justice in some communities.

There are also Eastern societies that highlight the victory brought by the Lion-Dragon duo against evil forces. The Egyptians viewed Lions as solar animals and Muslims as symbols of authority and invincibility.

Lion and Lioness Painting: a Positive Energy!

Certainly, the Lion has its negative sides like irresponsibility and navel-gazing but the positive energy released by this feline is not less. Seen as a solar animal, the Lion generates heat as well as a feeling of protection.

Seen from a totemic angle, it represents a strong and solar place. This makes it the symbol par excellence of respect and charisma. In a social dynamic, this large feline embodies the old wise men, people who know how to be patient and live in peace. It is not uncommon to meet people defining the father of the family as a Lion.

The fact that the Lioness releases positive energies also boosts the sale of Lion paintings. Indeed, this animal evokes meanings related to Venus and the moon. The Lioness, completely equal to her male equivalent, refers to a correct positioning. The combination Lion and Lioness is none other than the Yin-Yang, the sacred image at the origin of harmony. The Lioness is in the image of this protective mother of whom we are proud. She also describes this person with a sense of detail, she is very balanced.

The Lion’s Decorative Painting Invites Itself Into Your Home

From now on, the Lion, the Lioness and the Cub have decided to leave the jungle to embellish our interior decorations. Adulated for their great values, these beautiful felines are beginning to appeal to artists, designers and interior decorating specialists as well as consumers.

Your living rooms and bedrooms will gladly welcome a fresco or a Lion Canvas painting. If you are, of course, seduced by the wild atmosphere conveyed by this piece in your habitat. And also if you feel the need for a protective animal presence.

The majestic animal that is the Lion can also invest your walls and picture frames. Let yourself be imbued with the positive energy of the King of the Jungle. All it takes is one simple gesture: hang the Lion Picture in a suitable place. Note that the walls of a restaurant, a hotel, an office and even a garage can easily accommodate an artistic decoration featuring the Lion.

For those who will choose a Lion painting or a Lion Triptych from our collection, this new acquisition will be the source of your happiness. Stylish Lion®, the expert in decorative mural art and Lion Paintings!

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