Lion Mane for Dog and Cat

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Lion Mane for Dog

Stylish Lion presents its collection of Lion Mane for Dogs.
A selection of false lion manes for dog for two reasons:
Firstly because they are above all dog clothes. Indeed your dog with his lion mane will be protected from the cold and wind. We have also thought of the masters whose companion loves to play the co-pilot with his head out the window: the lion mane for dog preserves him from a cold and especially from ear infections.
Because we love them and they are our best playmates, your dog with lion mane will be just that much more fun and photogenic! Don’t you want to make your dog even cuter with this lion mane costume?

Lion Mane for Cat

Lion Kingdom wanted to honor your little felines and therefore developed a collection of “lion mane for cat“.
His mane lion cat on him, your kitty will be protected during the winter. For your companions who have the chance to go out, cats with lion mane will not be afraid of cold weather.
The second reason for a purchase such as a lion mane for cat is obviously and humanly personal! A real cuddling pleasure in anticipation with your future ferocious feline at home!

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