8 Tips to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

8 Tips to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

Is It Possible to Extend the Life of an Ephemeral Tattoo ?

By definition, a temporary tattoo only lasts a few days (and a few weeks for henna tattoos). Contrary to what you might think, it is possible to extend the life of your ephemeral tattoo by taking care to prepare your skin beforehand and to pamper it once it is transferred to your skin. We present you today 8 techniques that will allow you to enjoy your tattoo longer.

Prepare Your Skin Well Before the Transfer Paper

The skin must be perfectly cleaned and rid of sebum and other residues of lotions or moisturizing creams. These create a barrier between the skin and the ink that prevents the design from fixing properly. Once cleaned, the skin must be completely dry. Of course, as for permanent lion tattoos, if the chosen area is somewhat hairy, it is highly recommended to shave.

Exfoliate the Skin

This step can precede the cleaning. It allows you to get rid of dead cells that would hinder the good adherence of the lion design. In addition, they will be responsible for the “flaking” effect that can occur very quickly.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Lion Tattoo

The location of the temporary lion tattoos largely determines their lifespan. You should avoid at all costs places where the skin is in movement: wrists, elbows, knees… Similarly, it is preferable to choose a place that is not in regular contact with household products, soap, lotions… Hands are not good candidates for a temporary tattoo! Finally, places that secrete a lot of sebum or that sweat are not recommended (feet, armpits, inside of the knees…). To summarize, temporary tattoos should be transferred on a part of the body protected from detergents, where the skin does not wrinkle and does not sweat: arms / forearms, back, calves …

Take the Time to Apply It Well

The application of temporary tattoos requires a certain amount of attention to detail. You should not rush and wet it very gradually with small sponges. You should not rub, but tap lightly to moisten it, this allows all the pigments to transfer properly, a sine qua non condition to guarantee a maximum life span.

Use Only Water

While showering, soap is of course allowed (and recommended!) but it’s best to avoid the area where the tattoo is located. If ephemeral tattoos are made of waterproof materials, they are still vulnerable to shower gels and other soaps.

Covering Lion Tattoos With Vaseline

This technique aims at protecting tattoos from humidity. It can be compared to film. It can be easily used in summer, but is not very comfortable in winter. It is also possible to apply transparent varnish to make a temporary tattoo last, but it causes an unpleasant dry feeling.

Apply Baby Powder on Your Lion Tattoo

Talcum powder absorbs the sebum that is placed between the skin and the tattoos. As a result, the skin is less greasy and the ink lasts longer.

Avoid Sports Sessions

Sport makes you sweat and causes rubbing on certain areas. Repeated sessions will therefore damage ephemeral tattoos.

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