lion vs gorilla who would win

Lion Vs Gorilla : Who Would Win ?

Today, Stylish Lion® is organizing the memorable confrontation ⚔️ between two mythical predators of the African animal world 🏞️. Of course, we are opposed to this battle because Stylish Lion® carries and supports these two extraordinary beasts. But our most curious customers want to know what would happen in this probably bloody fight between the Silverback Gorilla 🦍 and the male African Lion. Here we go, the battle begins ⬇️!

1) Who Would Win in a Fight a Gorilla or a Lion ?

silverback gorilla in the wild

Know that you will be all at the end of this article. But there is no ONE unique outcome. The Gorilla and the Lion 🦁 each and alone have the world’s greatest superlatives to describe them. Without a doubt, as a human 🦴 and facing one of them, alone in the wild, unarmed, meeting one of their eyes, we would wish we had never been there. Fear would overtake us 🙀 and most of us would start running like crazy! I know, you’ve been told before, you definitely shouldn’t run backwards in such a situation and in front of such predators at the risk of being assimilated as prey ⚡ ! Easier said than done!

lion licking his paws

In short, we can therefore deduce that these two animals are indeed terrible predators ☠️ of the savanna that we still fear… So let’s analyze precisely the qualities and flaws of their weapons to speculate on the potential big winner 👏 !

A.the Strength of a Gorilla

gorilla hand

The Gorilla 🦍 dominates in the central lands of Sub-Saharan Africa. Described as a large primate, the Silverback Gorilla is the powerful evolution of the ape. Nevertheless, it remains very similar to humans genetically. The male Silverback Gorilla measures about 1.80 meters while being permanently bent over his knees. A generous weight of 280 Kilos 🤭 in general, with massive and bulging muscles thanks to its perfect diet all year round.

Its short but strong arms are also a match for the most dedicated bodybuilders. It is said that scientifically, the Gorilla 🍌 is almost 10 times the strength of a man. The Gorilla can lift with both hands nearly 800 kilograms 🙈 and forcefully throw 449 kilograms from the end of its arms!

Its jaw is very muscular and is equipped with large terrorizing canines ideally designed to tear roots, tree bark and bamboo 🍂.

Silverback Gorilla sitting on rock in africa

Like us, they are endowed with a great form of intelligence 🧠 very advantageous. Adept at climbing without safety, Gorillas 🦍 can learn and train in many human disciplines. Such as speaking sign language, carving tools with wood and even weapons to defend their territory and group.

The great silverback monkey 🍌 has no known animal predators. They can make use of the clan strength 🛎️, of about 30 Gorillas in order to clear a danger or defend themselves from a Lion 🦁, at the speed of light. This case is rare because the Gorilla’s pride 🦍 usually commits him to fight alone against the enemy to have the recognition of his whole clan.

The biggest problem of the Gorilla is that in its genes, it is a herbivorous predator 🌿. Therefore, the large primate does not have the killer and hunting instinct of the Lion. Gorillas have no taste for flesh or blood 🩸. Its advantage lies mainly in its overdeveloped brain capable of developing a real defense strategy 🛡️ or establishing a deadly plan of action.

B.the Lion’s Chances

lion head in namibia bush

Facing the Gorilla, the Lion 🦁 is a beast cut out for hunting and attacking since the beginning of time. A scary carnivorous monster 🥩 that naturally evolved to become a fighter hunter ready for anything! Naturally he is referred to as the King of the Savannah 👑.

Much less intelligent than the large primate, the African male Lion generally weighs 220 kilos 🙀 for a height of 1.30 meters and a length of 2.50 meters.

Its thick, dense mane of hair allows it to hide its neck and vital arteries from enemy jaws. The Lion’s carnivorous food menu often varies between zebra 🦓, buffalo, wildebeest, antelope and giraffe. Its infallible method 💥 of taking down its victims is to bite at the neck to prevent proper oxygen flow. Rarely, he may also want to buy time by directly and powerfully crushing 🔨 the windpipe of his prey. This amounts to the same result.

lion with opened mouth in nature

Its muscular body of a fawn coat blends perfectly with the colors of the African grasslands. It is a great asset to hide, surprise and pounce straight on the enemy 😈 in all circumstances.

Its top speed 💨 can exceed 60km/h over a short distance. Adopting the good characteristics of felines, it can leap over 3.50 meters in height and 8 meters in length. The Lion 🦁 has the advantage over the Gorilla in terms of speed and agility.

But its cruel weakness is its endurance. As you know, the African male Lion is a lazy animal when it comes to fast running and most importantly, his weight doesn’t help him… He is not patient 😫 and hates to lash out at an enemy alone. Either his strike is quick, bloody and killer, or he abandons his victim.

2) Lion Vs Gorilla : the Death Battle

black gorilla in mountains

You now know the strengths 🦍 and weaknesses of these two predators with a passion for domination 🦁. Now it’s time for the confrontation and the fight. The rule is simple, only one must remain!

The truth is… The outcome of the fight is uncertain. Each dominant male has his own history, his own experience, his own genetics, his own fights, his own resistance, his own victories…. Each one is in fact worthy of winning and has his chance to win 🏆. This will mostly depend on several factors that they are not necessarily responsible for.

A.the Choice of the Land

The Gorilla 🍌 and the Lion 🦁 do not dominate the same type of territory. On which territory do they want to compete?

The Gorilla rather frequents rocky and mountainous places ⛰️ where vegetation is dense and trees are numerous. His dominance in these places is certain. The battle could last a long time to the Gorilla‘s advantage. Each tree 🌳 is a potential solution that can serve him in case of retreat in order to create distance, temporize the attack or resume the battle by surprise and when he wants. Each tree branch can serve him as a repulsive and fatal weapon 💣 as a projectile just like large stones or rocks.

gorilla on tree branch

The Lion‘s attack 🦁 would therefore probably be mastered by the Gorilla within its environment. Indeed, the intelligence that the Silverback Gorilla 🦍 is capable of, would give it the advantage with quick and handy solutions to pierce the beast‘s skin.

It’s also a safe bet that the Gorilla 🍌 would maintain maximum distance to lethally throw very heavy projectiles repeatedly. The Lion would get hurt, get scared and inevitably end up backing off. Not to mention that if the great black ape wanted to, he could reach the top of the trees at any time 🔝 and change it as much as he wanted. The Lion would not struggle for hours ⏲️ and would certainly not enter this losing war.

Now, the biggest risk for the Gorilla 🦍 is that he would be caught off guard and wouldn’t have time to climb the trees. The Lion would then grab him by the throat 💀 while clawing at his blood. The Lion 🦁 male would have to bring him to the ground resting his full weight on him. If so, the Gorilla would no longer be able to trick the natural elements of his territory. Without any doubt and with relentlessness, he would regain the upper hand as best he could, by numerous crushing destructive punches 👊 at his grip and by terrible killing bites.

This could even end up backfiring on the Lion 🦁. Every day, the Gorilla’s powerful canines being used to chainsawing wood 🪓 would not have the slightest trouble in easily severing arteries or even a bone belonging to the Lion. So the Gorilla 🦍 would have to struggle only slightly to get up but it would.

The Lion 🦁 should then make a quick choice. Retry a frontal attack ⚔️ to clench doubly, with all his strength and at his maximum the fangs of his jaw on the veins of the Gorilla’s neck. Then lash out with all his weight and recruit all his strength to plant his sharp 🐾 and deadly claws deep into the Gorilla‘s flesh. All this to push the great black primate to hemorrhage and thus die.

Until the Gorilla‘s death and for its survival, it should not let go of anything at all 🎖️ and counterattack as much as it can. The big primate being enduring in terms of its strikes 🙉 unlike the Lion. A hypothesis like this one is nevertheless unlikely because the Lion should also end up letting go of his hold following the crushing pain that the Gorilla 🦍 would inflict on him and because of his exhaustion…

African lion in bushes

On the Lion‘s field, the Gorilla 🦍 could only maintain the distance for a short time. Impossible for him to go and elaborate his retaliation in the top of the trees for long minutes and juggle the branches repeatedly. Indeed, there are only a few trees on the Lion‘s land 🦁 in general. And even if the Gorilla is lucky enough to find the right one, the Lion would have to push him down using all his deterrence, even if it means climbing the tree himself.

The Lion can also climb trees 🌳 but as I just said, his endurance is limited. So the Gorilla should assume to stand up to him and go into hand-to-hand ⚔️ more directly. Less chance of backing down the Lion as on his home turf. Despite the lack of escape routes for the Gorilla and so naturally with more injuries 🤕 his strength is legendary 🎖️.

Even if the Lion 🦁 brings him to the ground, canines firmly planted at his neck, the Silverback Gorilla should land so many fierce and powerful blows… Not to mention the assumption that he finds a good rock on hand to help himself… The Lion 🦁 should end up retreating rather quickly in the face of the big black ape‘s unwavering and enduring determination.

B.time of Day

African jungle at night

On the other hand, the Lion‘s major and main advantage 🦁 would be to attack the big black primate at night 🌙. The Silverback Gorilla inherits like you a very poor vision at night. The intelligent Lion will therefore favor the night to achieve its ends against the Gorilla 🦍. Besides, this is usually how the Lion operates in the middle of the savanna when he wants to fight and win the battle in order to feed. Attacking at night is a winning habit for the Lion.

The Lion 🦁 will therefore use its good night vision 👁️ at night to surprise the Gorilla in its sleep, and on the ground it wants. On this point, the Lion will clearly have the advantage and the outcome of the fight ⚔️ will be on his side.

lion hiding at night

No longer possible for the Gorilla 🦍 to be so quick in these decisions and in the precision of his actions. He no longer sees his enemy. Each surprise and sharp attack of the Lion can surprise or disarm him. The African wildcat 🦁 can if he wishes and multiple times, bite and then release his grip to then turn around the Gorilla without the Gorilla seeing him. His stamina should be abused but he has the advantage. So this should push him to do it, to temporize his pain, recover some of his strength and thus go all the way ⚡.

Claw stroke after claw stroke, the blind 🦍 Gorilla will eventually tire anyway and gradually lose confidence and blood 🩸. The Lion will continue unceasingly to inflict deadly and hemorrhagic wounds on the large primate to weaken him little by little. When the Gorilla begins to be exhausted, the Lion 🦁 will feel that moment… It is then and there that he will finally throw all of his weight, all of his strength and probably deliver a bite to the Gorilla‘s jugular. The night 🌙 and the relentlessness of the big cat should surely allow him to triumph 🏆.

3) the Final Result

Gorilla walking in jungle

Ultimately, Stylish Lion® believes that in a general case, the odds are in favor of the Gorilla 🍌. But, the Lion remains a formidable foe nonetheless.

With determination ready for anything, with a deafening gloom, the Lion 🦁 can also win. However, as you know, the Lion will usually prefer to set its sights on a much less powerful and massive prey 🦍 than the Silverback Gorilla.

The Lion normally attacks a prey where he knows in advance, that he is up to the task of taming it. At night 🌑, the African male wildcat will take his victim by surprise for a double benefit. His well-known fatal bite, at the jugular of the neck is capable of overcoming any animal in the African bush. His powerful claws 🐾 overwhelmed by all his weight are also deadly weapons that regularly push him to win the hunting game.

wild lion with black mane in the savanna

The Silverback Gorilla 🦍 is a top predator for the Lion. And for anyone else for that matter…His weight, strength, muscles, intelligence 🧠 can overcome the worst beasts of the savannah. His fearsome endurance in battle will always remain much longer than that of the Lion 🦁. It also only needs a stone under its hand or a heavy branch to bludgeon and permanently immobilize the Lion‘s gargantuan appetite 🍖 from a distance.

As long as the Gorilla 🦍 manages to escape the Lion‘s jaws and those bloody claws, the Gorilla dominates. He can give until his exhaustion and for his honor, punches 👊 of overwhelming and dangerous power to the Lion. Even in the night, even in his close quarters and without momentum, the unique strength 💥 of this great silverback Primate is absolutely deadly.

Be sure of that, young wildcat 🦁! Give your personal and unique opinion about this fight right below in the comments too ⬇️ !

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