Lion Vs Buffalo Who Will Win

Lion Vs Buffalo Who Will Win ?


Today, Stylish Lion® 🦁 is hosting a classic savannah showdown between a herbivore known for its legendary aggression and the King of the Savannah: Lion vs. Buffalo 🐃!

Of course, Stylish Lion® is not looking forward to this bloody fight ⚔️ whose outcome is not always certain. But the idea here is to show the characteristics of these extraordinary wild beasts and their strengths. In this sometimes cruel world, the Lion hunts for food 🥩 and the Buffalo fights for its survival. Do you want to know who is the strongest 👊 between the Lion and the Buffalo? Don’t worry, you’ll get to the bottom of the story in a few moments… Come on, let’s get to our analysis and prediction!


Fight between a Buffalo and a Lion

You want to know who has the upper hand between a Lion and a Buffalo? From now on, know that there is no systematic victory 🏆. Both of these formidable animals have impressive strengths in their category. Each has a power and survival instinct 😈 not found in today’s humans.

If one were to cross paths with these animals, it would probably be best to take to their heels. Because if the Lion 🦁 would come and try to eat us, the Buffalo 🐃 would run headlong to protect its territory and its group. The aggressiveness of the Buffalo is increased tenfold when it has females and cubs to protect 🛡️.

In the jungle or African savanna 🏞️, animals don’t fight for fun (well, usually). Logically, the Lion will only attack the Buffalo for personal satiation or to feed his troop. The Buffalo will only confront the Lion if it feels threatened 😨. Nevertheless, it is quite rare that a Lion will confront a Buffalo alone. It is also rare for a Buffalo 🐃 to face a Lion alone, although they tend to get lonely as they get older.

Before we get to the conclusion, let’s move on to the natural strengths of a Lion 🦁 and those of a Buffalo. Let’s assume that these two fierce beasts find themselves alone and want to fight on the spot ⚔️ !


Lion clawing at the neck of a Buffalo

The Buffalo 🐃 is among the prey of choice for a pack of Lions and Lionesses. Many times, the Lion and his Lionesses will join forces to defeat a single Buffalo. And for good reason, the African Buffalo is usually five times the weight of a Lion 🦁. But who can prevail from a singular confrontation 🎖️ between a male Lion and an adult Buffalo? We’ll skip the fight of a Lioness against a female Buffalo in this article.

The Lion 🦁 is a wild animal perfectly adapted for hunting. Since ever, it terrorizes all the animals of Africa and the men. Its roar makes the most reckless tremble and its mane scares beasts like Giraffes or Rhinoceroses 🦏. This carnivorous monster has many assets and has been able to evolve since the dawn of time 🌕 to become an outstanding hunter. It is not called the King of the Savanna 👑 for nothing!

Facing the Buffalo 🐃, the Lion and its 220 kilos has significant assets to put the beast down. With a height of about 1.30 meters and a length of 2.50 meters, he can count on his sharp claws 🐾 and his sharp fangs to hurt ὸ his opponent.

Lion attacking a Buffalo from behind.

Some say that the Lion 🦁 is not very intelligent, but the reality is quite different. Indeed, the Lion can rely on his cunning and his ability to find the right attack position to kill a Buffalo 🐃 much heavier than him. We have also already seen for example a Lion alone come to the end of a Hippopotamus 🦛 adult, after almost a day of fight!

The Lion 🦁 can rely on its eyes and its night vision to attack a Buffalo at night. He will prefer, day or night, to attack the Buffalo from behind. The latter will not let himself be surprised 👁️ easily.

If the Lion uses an almost infallible method to slaughter 🩸 his victims by biting them on the neck, he favors this attack only for prey of medium size (zebra, wildebeest, antelope, warthog). Against the Buffalo 🐃, it will rather try to exhaust it by clutching its back and bite it until death follows 😵 or try to suffocate it by biting its snout.

Be careful with the latter technique though as the Buffalo 🐃 will not go for it! This is rather used by Lions who have experience in tackling ⚔️ this type of herbivore.

Lion on the back of the Buffalo

Its tawny coat 🦁 is ideal for camouflage and attacking prey by surprise. Its developed hearing and sense of smell 👃 allow it to detect possible targets several kilometers away. The Lion benefits from a good top speed (it is not uncommon for it to exceed 60 km/h over a short distance). The Lion can rely on its back legs to leap 💨 more than 3.5 meters in height and nearly 8 meters in length. In terms of speed, agility and combat science, he clearly has the advantage 💪 over the Buffalo.

Beware, however, of his stamina. Unlike the Lioness, he is rather lazy 🥱 and if he is fast, he won’t run for long if he sees his prey taking off. If the Lion’s prey puts up too much resistance and he’s alone in the fight, he’ll prefer to retreat to tackle 💥 an easier animal. Yes, the Lion 🦁 likes to kill quickly via a quick ⚡ and brutal attack! Nevertheless, the King of the Savannah could stalk and fight for hours against a Buffalo only if it is really hungry 😋.


African Buffalo in the vegetation

Let’s now review the assets that the Buffalo has 🐃 to face its opponent, the Lion. First of all and it is an obvious one, the African Black Buffalo male can weigh up to 900 kg ⚖️. He can rely on his mass and power to take down his most formidable opponents like the Lion. In each herd, there is a dominant male Buffalo 🎖️ and other males classified according to a hierarchy specific to their strength and endurance.

In a standard situation, the Buffalo 🐃 will be in a herd of several hundred head. One of its main strengths is to defend itself as a group, putting the adult males in the front line and the cubs and females in the shelter, behind. When a conspecific is captured by a big cat 🦁 it is not uncommon for the leading Buffaloes to organize the fightback ⚔️ and charge the predators like an army storming a position!

Buffalo horns in the wild

On the side of its natural weapons, its fearsome 😈 horns of course come to mind. Aimed skyward, his horns are capable of piercing the strongest leather and even injuring a monster such as a rhino 🦏 ! His natural instinct dictates that he will use his horns on the slightest occasion when he would feel in danger 🔥. The Buffalo also uses them to move up the hierarchy within its troop by confronting the other males in its group. Against a Lion, the Buffalo will attempt to gore the feline 🔥 and severely injure or even kill it.

The African Buffalo 🐃 can also use its hooves and weight to trample and crush predators. It will not hesitate to attempt to step on the Lion’s head or body to inflict irreversible damage 🤕. The African Buffalo will also not hesitate to crush the feline 🦁 with all its weight if the opportunity presents itself before it.

 Buffalo with mud in Africa

Finally, let’s note that the Buffalo enjoys a real legendary aggressiveness ⚔️ which makes it a feared beast throughout the African savanna. An angry Buffalo 🐃 will not hesitate to charge a rhino (even if the latter usually has the upper hand). He will also not hesitate to face an elephant even if it means dying ⚰️ and will not also refuse a fight against a pack of Lionesses. When a Buffalo sees a Lion, his fury 😡 increases tenfold and he charges like a bull that has been waved a red cloth 🟥. He’s not afraid to take on a bunch of hyenas, that’s for sure!

The Buffalo 😈 can therefore count on all these natural assets to face a bunch of Lionesses or a Lion. He is one of the rare animals of the savannah, with rhinos and elephants, not to systematically flee 🙀 a fight against the King of the Savannah. He can also count on his fellow creatures if the fight 🥵 turns to his disadvantage.

Herd of African Buffaloes

Regarding its weaknesses, let us note that the Buffalo 🐃 is far from being an agile animal. If the African feline is clutched to its back, its death 💀 is almost certain, it will not be able to get rid of it. The Buffalo is also known for its lack of intelligence and foresight. He tends to rush headlong 🤯, guided by his fury, at the risk of falling into a trap and getting eaten 🍖 !


Lion with a Buffalo carcass

Having gone through the main strengths and weaknesses of each, let’s now come 🔔 to the confrontation and the fight. As the saying goes in a famous science fiction movie, there should only be one 🎖️ left on the African continent!

Each animal has developed an extraordinary survival instinct and the outcome of the fight ⚔️ is not written in advance. The slightest mistake by one will tip the battle to the other’s advantage 🦁. Some external factors will help force fate to the detriment of one of these animals. Anyway, without further ado, let’s move on to the possibilities of confrontation depending on the context ⬇️.


Lion in ambush in the savanna

The Buffalo 🐃 generally prefers the vast plains of the savannah and does not like to venture into heavily wooded areas. As for the Lion, it also prefers to rely on its power ⚡ and strength to attack its prey with full force. The Lion will thus favor a surprise attack 😳, surprising its prey at the last moment. As for the Buffalo, it does not have the build to hide and if it sees that escape is not possible, will face like a soldier ⚔️ against a Lion’s attack.

In the savannah, the Lion King 🦁 will either try to go around the Buffalo to jump on its back and try to knock it down, or face it head on by grabbing its neck to choke it and exhaust it 😩. His feline claws pierce the Buffalo’s hide quite easily, allowing him to claw at it and munch on it until the beast draws its last breath 💨.

However, the Buffalo 🐃 will go all out to attack the Lion head-on, using its horns to tumble the beast and injure it. Its technique is simple: charge at the feline, lower and rotate its head, abruptly raise its head while targeting 🎯 the Lion with one of its horns 😈. If the Buffalo succeeds, the Lion may be injured more or less severely. Generally, he will let go and prefer to flee the fight rather than risk his life ⚱️.

If the Lion 🦁 manages to grab hold of the Buffalo’s neck, the latter will tend to want to try to trample the fawn especially on the belly. If the Lion is not experienced, he may omit this detail ❌ and protect himself, which can be fatal if a violent hoof strike 🦶🏿 comes to hit a vital organ.

In a singular 🥊 Lion vs Buffalo fight, the latter will be able to play on its ferocity and stamina to take the Lion to a less favorable terrain. For example, if there is a watercourse 🌊 nearby, the Buffalo will instinctively move towards that location. However this maneuver is not without risk, beware of crocodiles 🐊 !

Finally, in a wooded area 🌳 or the rainforest, this kind of fight rarely occurs. And if it were to happen, it’s a safe bet that the Lion will use its combat intelligence and cunning to surprise the Buffalo 🐃 in order to gain the advantage. The Buffalo will be able to play on the vegetation 🌿 to try to crush the feline with all its weight but will also be well penalized by its limitation of movement.


Lion hunting a Buffalo in the night

The Lion 🦁 is capable of hunting both day and night. He doesn’t really have a preference when it comes to facing an adult male Buffalo in the prime of his life. However, the Lion will have a 🏆 more than definite advantage if he were to face the horned herbivore at night. Its vision 👁️ allows it to detect the slightest movement of its prey while the Buffalo will act blind, reacting instinctively according to the sounds 🔊 and smell of the African feline.

At night, the Lion 🦁 will clearly have the advantage and will be able to attack the bovid at the right time, playing on its fear and its chances of making a fatal mistake. But you should not expect an easy victory: the African bovid 🐃 will fight to its last strength and will try to break free ⚓ by all means. A Buffalo will never give up and even when seriously wounded, it will try to kill 😵 the African Lion or drive it away.

At night, the horned herbivore 🐃 will tend to lose his ability to survive more easily. Blind, it will have difficulty making the horned strikes that could give it the advantage. Especially since the feline is not dumb 🧠 : its roar and its smell tend to panic 👻 the preys and the Buffalo is no exception. At night, the fight thus seems hopeless ⚔️ for the Buffalo.

During the day, it is a different story as mentioned earlier. The state of fatigue 😴 of one or the other will play on the outcome of the battle. However, many experts are formal: a seasoned Lion will usually overpower ☠️ a male Buffalo no matter how furious he is. But if the Lion 🦁 lacks confidence and experience, the slightest mistake could be fatal!


Head of the Buffalo with horns

If the horned bovid is a formidable animal ⚔️, full of energy and not shy to fight to the death, the male Lion seems to have a more than definite advantage here. First of all, he is a carnivorous predator 🥩 and his instincts tell him how to apprehend a Buffalo, even if it weighs nearly a ton! He was born to hunt but mostly to kill. The Buffalo 🐃, although aggressive, is not meant to kill another animal. Buffaloes are herbivorous mammals 🌱 and do not kill for food in the wild.

Secondly, the Lion 🦁 has its claws, fangs and strength that can seriously hurt a Buffalo. If the Lion doesn’t enjoy a fight that lasts for hours, it can be patient ⌛ and wait for the Buffalo to wear itself out.

Lion devouring an African Buffalo

Finally, the Lion 🦁 can rely on its feline intelligence and agility to surprise the Buffalo and deliver fatal blows. Whether by choking or exhaustion, the Lion will play on his strength and the power of his claws 🐾 or jaw to make the bloody Buffalo 🩸 bend. If the Buffalo fails to stomp or gore him, there is no doubt about the victory for the King of Animals 👑 !

Of course, the Buffalo 🐃 still has a chance to win. A Lion too old, tired or a mistake and that’s what could allow the Buffalo to gore him 😈. Thus, the battle may turn to his advantage. But alas for this animal so extraordinary as unpredictable, this case of figure is far from being a generality. In most cases 🤷, the Buffalo succumbs under the blows of its predator, despite all the resistance and the courage that no specialist of the animal world will know how to oppose him ⚔️.

Buffalo killed by a lion in Africa

From your side, do you think that the Buffalo 🐃 has a chance to get away with the King of the African Savannah ? Do you think that in its natural environment, the Buffalo can get the upper hand and reverse all the odds in favor of the feline 🦁 ? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion on this fight and share your experience or observation just below in the comments ⬇️ ! You can also go now to our Store to honor the dominant animal of your choice. Indeed, Stylish Lion® offers you a wide range of Jewelry, Rings, Clothes or Statues featuring each African savanna super predator!

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