lion tattoo meaning

Lion Tattoo Meaning

Lion tattoo designs can have various meanings according to the person wearing it. They are mainly worn by men, although women are increasingly using the emblem of the king of the jungle as a tattoo base, and to our great delight!

Young tattooed, welcome to Stylish Lion ! We are specialists of the lion in the US and the tattoos in its effigy obviously interest us strongly. 🦁

The meaning of a lion tattoo is largely focused on what this animal represents. Vitality, courage, protection, fight and wisdom are the symbolism that we find the most. A lion tattoo is often accompanied by a crown, a lioness, a clock, a rose and much more.

Here are the main symbols of a lion tattoo:

  • Force
  • Courage
  • Love
  • Family
  • Transformation
  • Wisdom
  • Hope
  • Power
  • Loyalty

In this article, we will see how rich in meaning this tattoo is and why you should adopt it in your turn! You will discover the symbolism it has according to its size, its colors, the elements that surround it, but also its shape and the place where it is positioned on the body. But first of all, we invite you to discover our collection of temporary lion tattoos that will allow you to make a test very easily. πŸ˜‰

Lion Tattoo Meaning for Guys

Wildcats, especially lions, have always been popular tattoos. In the last few years, there has been an increase in number of people walking the streets with lion tattoos. They are full of with sense and offer infinite design possibilities. πŸ’‰

In some areas of the world, humans and lions have lived together and shared territory for nearly 200,000 years. It is therefore not surprising that there are all kinds of symbols and significance attributed to the king of the jungle. And here are the ones that come back the most when a man chooses to put this emblem on his skin :

βœ”οΈ Courage: From the shields of medieval warriors to the flags of Gryffindor, lions are synonymous of courage throughout history and culture. Even in the Magic of Oz, the Cowardly Lion was a combination of two opposing concepts. Thus, one of the most common meanings is to transmit bravery and courage to its bearer. They often mean an individual without fear or mark the overcoming of challenges.

βœ”οΈ Power and Masculinity: Weighing up to 190 kg and measuring over 2.5 m in length, the lion is a powerful and large beast. They are said to kill with a single paw. One of the first European explorers told that his horse was killed “with a single blow of the lion’s paw”.
The pure power of the lion turned it into a common symbol of power, strength and masculinity. In Tanzania, killing a lion was a ritual of transition for the Maasai warriors. Killing the embodiment of strength and power symbolized one’s power and masculinity. Although the decline of lion populations put an end to this practice, they remain to this day a symbol of strength and power.

βœ”οΈ Royalty: The King of beasts is an appropriate nickname. Lions have long been a symbol of royalty and nobility. When they gather together we call it “pride of lions” because of their royal appearance.

For many people, a lion tattoo is a symbol of their own aspiration or connection to royalty, leadership or nobility. Let’s see what women think!

Lion Tattoo Meaning for Woman

Even if we find similar symbolism, there are still differences between a man and a woman in terms of the meanings of tattoos. As far as the lion is concerned, a woman often appropriates symbols much more focused on family, beauty, but not only that! Let’s see this in detail:

βœ”οΈ Despite its ferocity and power, the lion is a popular symbol of peace (Hakuna Matata). This lends itself in part to the image of royalty, as the lion can choose peace even if it has the strength to succeed by its physical power alone. The peaceful lion precedes Simba’s friendship with Timon and Pumba. The tattoos representing the lion with wings, or the lion and the lamb are symbols of peace that date back to biblical ages.

βœ”οΈ Life & Vitality:

It’s the wheel of Life, and it affects us all. While many of us discovered the circle of life in the book The Lion King, lions have been a symbol of vitality and life for millennia. The lion’s link to life goes beyond its position at the top of the food chain. Their power, strength and energy symbol of youth and vitality. They are strong, healthy and bold, attributes that our culture values as youthful.

Lion With Crown Tattoo Meaning

As mentioned above, the lion is associated with royalty. And what is the ultimate symbol of royalty? The crown of course! The animal and this associated object together form the most beautiful way to express a desire for power. A person wearing this tattoo is in search of the world. πŸ‘‘ This tattoo plays on the royal powerful image of the lion. It reflects that you are powerful, confident, independent and in command of the situation.

Lion Head Tattoo Meaning

A lion head tattoo is always majestic and wise. This is a perfect design choice if you are a lover of these animals. Although some lion tattoos may look intimidating, the face of a lion reveals the more enigmatic and peaceful side of the animal. To highlight all the details of your lion head tattoo, the best places are on your back, forearms or torso.

Lioness Tattoo Meaning

A lioness tattoo is a powerful tattoo sign choice due to the way lionesses behave in the nature. They hunt collectively to supply the family’s needs and care for their young cubs together. They are powerful predators, in addition to being maternal. For these reasons, a lioness tattoo is a perfect tattoo for women with these personality traits. πŸ’ͺ

Lion and Lioness Tattoo Meaning

By definition, the lion and lioness tattoo represents the ideal couple. That of the man and the woman who love and care for their family and for each other. To have these two animals tattooed on your body is a sign of wisdom and protection. πŸ›‘

We all know how important it is to be well supported in life. The association of the lion and the lioness represents this hope to be perfectly well accompanied. It also and often represents love for the other, so it is not uncommon to see a man and a woman doing the same tattoo to signify that they love each other.

lion and lioness tattoo meaning

Lion Cub Tattoo Meaning

Your lion tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be that of an extremely aggressive male showing fangs! The lion cub tattoo is very popular with women. It represents childhood in particular. πŸ‘Ά

Indeed, getting a lion cub tattoo is a reference to what one was like as a child. We often do it out of nostalgia. Some people want to show that they come from very far away, for example, but that they don’t forget where they come from. This is the main symbol of the lion cub.

lion cub tattoo meaning

Lion and Cub Tattoo Meaning

The tattoo of the lion and the lion cub symbolizes the protection of the father to the child. Indeed, in the wild, lions fiercely defend their young. This is why it is a popular tattoo for new fathers. It is a tattoo that shows the family importance in his life. So if you want to show how proud you are to be a father. This is the tattoo for you! 🧑

lion and cub tattoo meaning

Lion and Rose Tattoo Meaning

The rose symbolizes the eternal love and protection given to one’s family. Associated with the lion, this beautiful flower has multiple meanings. Let’s see it right now. 🌹

A rose and lion tattoo is the noblest way to symbolize how strong and combative you are if need be, and that these attributes are always to protect something essential to your life. You can easily imagine a lion protecting its flower. No one will touch it if he hasn’t decided to. That’s what this tattoo represents! I love and protect my family like a lion.

Geometric Lion Tattoo Meaning

For a trendy and unusual lion tattoo, a geometric version will be perfect. The style of this art gives any tattoo a futuristic and modern touch. So if you’re a fan of non-traditional and abstract designs, it will be the perfect choice. There are many various options available for a geometric lion tattoo. Shaded triangles will give depth and complexity to the design, creating a contrasting effect. Here are a few examples:

geometric lion tattoo meaning
Geometric Lion Temporary Tattoo

Mandala Lion Tattoo Meaning

Proud and powerful, the tattoo of a mandala lion allows you to show your strength to others through a drawing more sober and worked than a classical one. A mandala lion tattoo shows both the wild side of the beast and the infinite possibilities in life through the circles of this type of drawing. ✍️

It is used by both men and women and often requires more space than a classic tattoo. It can therefore be placed on the chest, thighs, sides or back.

Maori Lion Tattoo Meaning

One of the hottest lion-themed designs is the Maori tattoo. It is a mysterious and intriguing style that is ideal if you like the style of tattoo drawing.

Maori tattoos are considered an opportunity in many cultures. They indicate that the wearer is protected. They are also referred as “the window to the soul” and represent the inner personality. So if you feel linked to the power and strength of a lion, a Maori lion tattoo is the perfect design for you.

Indian Lion Tattoo Meaning

Lions play an important role in Indian culture. From ancient astrology to the birth of Rastafarianism, the lion is an important symbol.

The wild fawn is still present in India and has been for thousands of years. The Gir National Park still has members. It is used in tattoo much more for its aesthetic side than for what it symbolizes. Indeed, fe)athers, arrows and other hats are all very pretty and judicious to associate with the king of the jungle! πŸ•ΆΒ 

Rasta Lion Tattoo Meaning

Rastafarian culture has certain parallels with Christianity. Rastafarians venerate Haile Selassie (emperor of Ethiopia) as the second coming of Jesus. It is believed that the lineage of Haile Selassie goes back to the tribe of Judah. Thus, as in Christianity, the use of lions is a representation of Christ. ✝️

In Rastafari tattoos, the lion is often depicted alongside cannabis. Cannabis is believed to be the life’s tree in the Bible. Its use is a gateway to comprehension, rather than a drug. Other popular Rasta lion tattoos include: the Rastafari flag, Bob Marley and a lion, a marijuana-smoking lion, or a lion wearing Rasta colors.

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Meaning

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is the one that covers the period from July 23rd to August 22nd. β™ŒοΈ Leo has a strong connection with the sun and it is the element of fire.

In astrology, the astro lion sign represents leadership, justice and the adventure. It is believed that these traits are passed on to those born under the Leo sign. Like the other zodiac signs, it is a starts’s constellation. In fact, it is one of the biggest and oldest constellations recorded, dating back to the Mesopotamian culture.

Astrological tattoos of the lion are often depicted as a representation of the constellation of the lion or its minimalist horoscope symbol in a simple black line.

leo zodiac tattoo meaning

Winged Lion Tattoo Meaning

Not only does a winged lion look fresh and powerful, but it also has deep meaning. This mythical imagery of the lion represents St. Mark in Christianity, which makes it an interesting option if your favorite biblical passage is from the Gospel of Mark. NBA star LeBron James displays this tattoo on his chest, which is an ideal location because it offers enough space to draw the wings. πŸ¦…

winged lion tattoo meaning
Winged Lion Temporary Tattoo

Japanese Lion Tattoo Meaning

The lion is a highly spiritual animal in the Buddhist tradition. It is sage and well-informed.. Like Asian dragon tattoos, the Japanese lion is often represented holding a globe. In China and Japan, these guardian lions have protective mythical powers and are frequently depicted in pairs. πŸ™

Tattooing this type of lion would have protective powers for those who put it on their skin. This is what you need if you want to live in peace.

japanese lion tattoo meaning

Polynesian Lion Tattoo Meaning

Polynesian tattoos are very spiritual in nature and have very rich meanings. Associated with the lion, we always get a rather impressive result and this is our favorite at Stylish Lion. πŸ–€

Longevity, fertility, peace and health, the Polynesian lion offers a variety of styles and above all prosperity to its owner. It is also the symbol of a frank and faithful union between husband and wife.

Tribal Lion Tattoo Meaning

There are several possibilities to choose a tribal lion tattoo. If you have a tribal heritage, a lion tattoo in the traditional style of your culture would be a striking choice. African tribal art often includes geometric shapes and bold black ink. The classic style of tribal tattoo has more curved lines, which would give life and movement to your lion design. Either way, a tribal lion tattoo is catchy and unusual.

tribal lion tattoo meaning

Finger Lion Tattoo Meaning

Lion tattoos on fingers have become trendy in the last few years and have even been adopted by famous people such as Cara Delevingne. The inks have all the majesty and power of a life-size lion tattoo, but they are also very subtle. The lion’s head shape fits the narrow gap of your finger. Lion finger tattoos also make a cool choice for a couple to get the same tattoo design!

finger lion tattoo meaning

Lion Wrist Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo on the wrist is an excellent place for a strong male design like a lion. Place your hand on a surface such as a table for example. πŸ‘Š

For the same reason, it’s a great way to build confidence because it makes you feel stronger and more powerful. Wrist tattoos also symbolize control. For example, some men get a lion tattoo on their right hand when they succeed or to show their self-control, as if they were overcoming an addiction.

lion wrist tattoo meaning

Forearm Lion Tattoo Meaning

Forearm tattoos are one of the most famous tattoo placements for men. You can easily expose it to everyone, like covering it with a long-sleeved shirt.

It’s one of the least painful places to get a tattoo, so it’s a great place for your first tattoo. The smaller ones are very pretty on the inside of your arm. While you could adopt a larger design with a quote for example on the outside of your forearm.

Adopt Your Own Lion Tattoo as Well

Now that you know all the meanings of the most beautiful tattoo that can exist, you need to adopt it! And there’s nothing like taking the test with a temporary tattoo. It allows you to test different designs to see what suits you best and if you feel comfortable with this type of tattoo on your skin. πŸ˜‰ We’ve made a selection just for you. Discover the stylish collection just by clicking on the image below.

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