Lion Spirit Animal

Lion Spirit Animal : Secrets and Symbolism

In general, the lion totem animal is associated with a representation of personal strength. To have this wild animal as your totem is to have immense courage and strength to overcome any difficulties that come your way. The lion indicates many qualities in the animal kingdom and represents many symbols.

In addition, many raw emotions come out of it, such as fear or anger. Its presence as a spirit guide can also be interpreted as a positive representation of your personal power and confidence. Let’s discover together the lion spirit animal and its symbolism.

Lion Spirit Animal

1) the Symbolism of the Lion

As you probably know, it is the female lion that hunts, but it is the male that is the most fearsome. After the human being, the hyena is the only living being on earth with the ability to attack the lion. It is the worst enemy of this animal’s family. This is why the male does not hunt to feed his family. Why not? He conserves his strength and energy to protect his family. He is therefore the protector par excellence. He avoids useless confrontations and prefers a calm and peaceful life. He reacts only when challenged and can fight to the death to protect his family.

To have the lion as a totem, it is to benefit from a multitude of qualities, in particular:

  • Strength and assertiveness;
  • Male power;
  • Courage, as he can face life’s challenges with confidence;
  • Strong emotions, such as anger and aggression directed at another person or at you;
  • The tension of dealing with these feelings;
  • The lion totem can also warn you of a situation or person you feel is threatening;
lion head wallpaper

2) the Lion Spirit Animal Warns Us About Challenges and Opportunities

As already mentioned above, the lion totem animal has a spiritual representation. It can therefore shed light on one of your weak points or a difficult situation you are facing. Sometimes it can show you how to deal with the problem and continue with the courage that the lion embodies.

This power animal can also represent an authority that can feel overwhelming or a conflicted relationship with power and authority. When we see a lion as a spirit animal, it symbolizes power, authority, outside forces that dominate parts of our lives.

For example, if you dream of a scar or a lion threatening you, the interpretation may be related to a dominant superior, partner or teacher in your real life.

snow lion

3) a Symbol of Anger and Personal Struggle

If you see the lion totem, it may be an invitation to control your temper or moderate aggressive impulses. For example, you may want to see if you can really listen to what people have to say before you become offensive. You can also explore how to express your needs or anger more openly and constructively to reduce your frustration level. Connecting with the lion totem is an invitation to learn to better control your temper and moderate your aggressive impulses.

4) a Symbol of Strength and Courage

Often, the lion totem animal is associated with inner strength. If this sacred animal appears as a powerful totem to you, its presence can be interpreted as a positive representation of your confidence or personal power. It is a protective animal that invites us to rely on the qualities of courage, strength and self-confidence.

As you probably know, the lion is an animal that dominates others in nature. You are probably familiar with the expression: “the lion, king of the jungle”. So if you see this animal totem, it may reflect your ability to lead and direct a group or a tendency to dominate at work or in relationships.

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5) the Dark Side of the Lion

It is important to know that the lion totem can also highlight one of your weaknesses or a difficult situation to deal with. It may be that this mammal is trying to show you how to deal with the concern and continue to solve your problems with courage.

The animal may also represent an imposing authority figure that has an impact on your life. In general, it may indicate a conflicted relationship with some form of power or authority. It is also a symbol of power, authority, rules or dominant forces in your life. If you dream of a threatening lion, for example, this situation may symbolize the influence of a domineering boss, an overly demanding teacher or a partner who bullies you in your daily life.

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6) the Lion, a Symbol of Anger and Inner Conflict

If you are working on your connection with the lion totem, it is surely an invitation to learn to better control your temper and moderate your aggressive impulses. For example, you can take the time to listen to what people have to say before you react and lash out. You can also make an effort to develop your ability to express your needs or anger more openly and constructively to reduce your frustration level and that of others.

7) the Lion: a Calm and Quiet Animal

If you’re a fan of animal documentaries, you probably know that the lion is a calm and quiet animal that is sure of its power. But if necessary, don’t hesitate to fight for the things that are important to you. This animal is a symbol of imperial power and royal wisdom.

Often this feline is associated with the ability to recover quickly and deal with negative emotions and sexual strength. It is the life of the King, so to speak.

8) Dreaming of Your Totem : Being Chased by a Lion

Did you dream of a lion chasing you? This dream may refer to an inner tension in your real life. A common dream scenario is to feel threatened or chased by the wild lion known for devouring its prey without mercy. You are his prey. You try to escape, but he stays behind you.

This dream is one of the most common themes related to this animal. It may be related to anger that you feel towards a person or aggressive impulses that you are experiencing. It is also (perhaps) a warning from your totem animal that you are dealing with difficult emotions.

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9) Why Should I Discover My Spirit Animal?

Discovering your totem animal can reveal many interesting insights into your personality, skills, or situation. Spiritual animals, like the lion, carry significant messages and lessons to people who know how to listen and decode them.

It is important to know that we all have a totem animal. To find the one that corresponds to you and to develop a relationship with your totem, many solutions are possible, including dreaming, meditation, observation of nature, etc.

10) Let Your Spirit Animal Find You !

Here is the golden rule to remember: “let your totem animal find you! “. Of course, there are many ways to know your totem animal, but you must know that it cannot be chosen. It chooses you. In most cases, the lion totem animal may appear when you venture out of your usual state of mind, such as in your night and day truces, meditative states, or other altered states of consciousness. And to your surprise, your totem animal may also appear to you in its physical form. You will notice this because of unusual behavior or multiple encounters in a short period of time.

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11) How Can I Discover My Spirit Animal ?

As already mentioned above, there are many ways to find your totem animal. To get started, here are some tips to consider:

  • You have to look in the nature while being attentive to the animals which surrounds you;
  • If an animal appears in your life in an unusual way, it may be the spirit of the totem animal trying to get your attention;
  • You should be aware of repeated encounters with the animal in its symbolic or physical form;
  • You must also be curious about the life of the animal that presents itself to you: you must read, meditate, observe, etc. ;
  • Don’t hesitate to take a short 20 minute break to meditate and let your imagination run wild to find your totem animal;
  • Pay attention to the dreams in which you come into contact with wild animals;
  • Embark on a shamanic journey. A visualization session will surely be beneficial to you;

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