Lion Head Ring Meaning

Lion Head Ring Meaning

Today we discuss the Lion Head Rings Meaning within the different eras. It is no secret that the body ornaments of animals have a special meaning.

1) the History of Animal Ornaments

In the past, people wore these objects before hunting to protect themselves. Throughout this period, objects for decorative purposes were made of trophies (bones or fangs of killed animals), in order to attribute merits to each owner. At that time, a man who wore the most teeth around his neck was considered the most powerful and courageous.

Over the years, the various animal-themed body accessories began to give more precise information about their wearer. However, depending on the geographical location the jewelry had a distinct meaning. In Europe, in the face of many upheavals and wars, people attributed little symbolism to these jewels, it was rather a question of material value. In Egypt, initially the jewels had a great material value. However, the symbols they represented were very important and they revealed which God the wearer worshiped and what he believed and honored.

Still, in Europe, as in the rest of the world, people believed that the image of an animal reflects the features of its bearer. Influential people such as generals and rulers displayed jewelry in the shape of a lion in honor of the power of this wild feline as a symbol of domination and control.

This incredible lion has appeared on many coats of arms as well as the insignia of noble families and power. Wealthy people coveted these lion jewels, especially the lion signet ring, because they believed that these ornaments would give them the power of the beast.

2) Meaning of a Lion Ring

The lion is made up of several symbols which makes it particularly atypical compared to other animals. Depending on the geographical location, the history of the lion’s ring varies! In Japan as well as in Central Asia, the lion is perceived as a guardian and protector of Shinto shrines with the Komainu whose role is to chase away evil spirits.

Within the Christian religion, the lion appears from different angles that are called polysemous, that is to say that it has several meanings. In the Gospel of St. Mark it is an emblem of justice, while it is also associated with an enemy and the messenger of the devil in certain passages of the Bible. (1 P 5,8). Despite all these cultural and religious distinctions, everyone agrees that the lion is a symbol of strength and power.

The astrological sign of the lion is associated with the sun, which reinforces its status as a powerful animal.

Regardless of time, the lion has always shown strength and perseverance, in India it was represented on the throne. In China, it protected the sacred buildings with the Chinese Guardian Lions. In Greek mythology, certain deities were transformed into lions.

3) How to Wear a Lion Ring

The visual representation of the lion is not the only thing that gives the jewelry a special meaning. The way you wear a lion’s headband also has an important dimension.

  • Firstly, by putting a ring on your little finger, you can reveal your ability to dialogue and negotiate. In addition, a jewel on your little finger will enhance your creative ability.
  • A lion ring on your middle finger increases harmony and tranquility.
  • When you are looking for independence and want to improve your self-esteem, an index finger is a good choice.
  • A ring on your thumb is a guarantee of intellect and thought, however your will may be tested.
  • Most often, the ring finger is used to adorn signet rings for men. This finger ensures success and will reveal the immense potential of a lion’s ring.

The choice of hand is also a crucial element, by choosing to wear a ring on your right hand you trigger your leadership skills and your will to win. The left hand, on the other hand, provides more protection and self-confidence. The characteristics vary since the right hand is the conductor of the man’s energy while the left hand is the woman’s.

The way the lion is represented is also important. When a lion swings its paw, leaps or opens its mouth, it communicates aggression. If a lion on the ring is peaceful, tranquil, then it sends back the wisdom of the feline. If you choose a lion ring with a particular character, you will have to adopt this same character or at least choose a ring that suits your feelings.

4) Conclusion

For many centuries symbols have been present in various forms. Nowadays, even though science tends to answer many questions, jewelry with animal ornaments continues to flourish. This is certainly due to the beauty and elegance of a lion ring but also to the feeling of strength and calm that these jewels can bring.

Jewelry is above all a reflection of our being, it is not a bauble but an inner enrichment. To finish, we propose you an overview of the Lion Rings where you will find steel and silver compositions with a wild and wise look to choose according to your feelings.

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