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Leo Sign Traits : Personality and Compatibility !

Dominated by the Sun, Leo is a sign of fire, flamboyant and bright. His character is warm, generous and proud. Leo has a certain aura and exerts fascination, domination and authority on those around him.

The typical Leo has the soul of a leader, indeed… but of those leaders with a big heart, with unfailing loyalty, like the famous king “Richard the Lionhearted”. Very energetic, courageous and strong, and above all optimistic, the Lion is usually surrounded by friends and devoted admirers.

Rather narcissistic, charming, very ambitious, they are attracted by success, prestige, and grandiose destinies. Idealist, very involved, the Leo does not like half measures and can let himself be carried away by big angers, and sulks when he feels dissatisfied. They can be criticized for their arrogance, excessiveness and desire for power. Leo’s health is generally robust and their mind is strong, but they must pay attention to their heart and spine.

The Leo Woman Personality : What a Star Soul !

The Leo woman dazzles: she is a born star, who likes to be in the spotlight. Often endowed with a sumptuous mane of hair, she likes to show off with a pronounced taste for luxurious beauty products, the greatest brands of jewelry and fashion! Eccentric, quite theatrical, she seeks recognition and honors, attracted by all the jobs that will put her on stage. Talented, a woman of power and action, she could become an actress or a musician, as well as a researcher or a doctor.

The Leo woman leaves no one indifferent, we can adore her, but also jealousy, hate her. Independent, a leader, she often breaks the conventions to lead her own life style. She still has a deep need to be surrounded by her court of admirers, with a great difficulty to accept criticism or questioning. She is a strong and brilliant woman, quite egocentric, but also very generous and loyal, who can be fired up for great causes, and who can always be counted on. The Leo woman has a great sense of justice and will go out of her way to make her loved ones happy.

The Leo Woman in Love : Passion and Commitment or Nothing

The Leo woman arouses passion, often pursued by many assiduities. Conqueror, she can like to flirt and fool around, but she has especially a great need to be admired. Independent, autonomous, she will hate compliments that are too demonstrative, jealous and possessive men. The more a man ignore her, or be resistant to her charm, the more he will attract her. The Leo woman must have the feeling of being chosen among all, and she knows how to make herself desirable in any situation.

Once conquered, the Leo woman is surprisingly loyal and faithful, very affectionate, protecting her home and family nest with all her strength. She is a very maternal woman who wants the best for her children. The Leo woman is the driving force behind her couple and always needs to feel that she is living an exceptional life, with an ever-changing love dynamic, in a refined home, surrounded by good society and select friends.

In terms of love compatibility, the Leo woman will have a perfect union with the Aquarius man, who is as faithful and highly idealistic as she is. The relationship will be excellent and deep with the Aries and Sagittarius men, who shine by their charisma, their dynamism and their enthusiasm. Relationships will be harmonious with Libra men, who are very refined with a pronounced aesthetic taste. Or with Gemini men, very worldly, who will know how to lead the Leo woman to the front of the stage. On the other hand, friction will be possible with Scorpio men, endowed with the same excessive pride and that the Leo woman will find aggressive. Taurus men, too slow and placid, discreet and earthy, will tend to provoke annoyance.

The Leo Man : a Big Heart and Many Ideals

The Leo man has a lot of allure. He always stands very straight, often with a powerful body, a harmonious face marked by authoritative features. He is a demanding, chivalrous, very positive person who values his career. The Leo man will succeed in professions related to business, banking, advertising, luxury, or politics.

Very determined and sincere, he is bold and has an indestructible will to achieve success. He has difficulty in understanding lowliness and protecting himself against malice. He can therefore become depressed when he fails. His tendency to be quite full of himself may annoy some. But he is someone with a big heart who will always try to defend and protect the weakest.

Very sociable, he is often the center of his group of friends and needs them to feel really good. His natural authority without tyranny serves him to serve his dreams of great ideals. He sometimes lacks sensitivity and is not a very good psychologist, especially when it comes to understanding women. Underneath his shell, which often shows him to be overconfident, the Leo man can actually be a very shy person.

The Leo Man in Love : a Great Romantic With Undeniable Charm

Very attached to his appearance, the Leo man is a great seducer with a big charm, even if he is often too centered on himself to realize it. Once aware of his attraction, he will know how to show it without any problem and go to conquer the one who has aroused him. He likes to please and needs recognition and attention: he will not support jealousy in his partner, while he will often show himself very possessive, wanting to be at the center of the other’s world.

The Leo man, being always idealistic, can reveal himself to be very romantic, a bit naive. He is looking for the woman of his dreams, beautiful, kind and uncomplicated, filling the roles of best friend, mother, lover, fragile woman. He has difficulty in communicating in love, and it will often be necessary to guess it, to avoid big discussions. When falling in love, the Leo man is both passionate and faithful, with a bewitching sensuality. He likes to dominate the life of a couple, with a rather macho tendency, even if he treats the one in his heart like a queen, and always knows how to rekindle the flame.

As for love compatibility, the Leo man will have a perfect love affair with the Aries woman, for her fiery temperament as naive as he is. He will live a passionate relationship with the Gemini woman, whose charm, talent and lightness will make him succumb. He will be very attracted by the Libra woman, refined and elegant, very sociable, who will put him in value, the Sagittarius woman who will give him her vital energy and her optimism.There will be a risk of conflict with the Taurus woman whose sick jealousy he fears, the Cancer woman whose claims and complaints he does not appreciate, the Capricorn woman who has excessive ambitions and who puts him in the shade. The same goes for the Leo woman who will take too much center stage!

The Leo Sign Character According to Its Ascendants (Rising Sign)

Leo rising in Aries

Leo ascendant Aries : You are a voluntary (ascendant Sun), ambitious and sentimental person. You are surely an enthusiast and you accuse a thousand talents! Your energy is so powerful that you need to balance your outbursts to avoid scaring others. You can easily fall into extremes. That being said, when you take on the powerful energy that you know so well to project, you will settle a big bad luck karma repeatedly. Your goals are high, perhaps even a little too much on the romantic, professional, artistic, political and social side. Your susceptibility is intense and you do not like to be attacked for your self-esteem. The pride of Leo meets here the stubbornness of Aries… The challenge of your life will be to learn to calm each other, to develop wisdom and maturity. Beware of “the madness of grandeur” and your too passionate temperament, and you will become larger than life!

Leo rising Taurus

Leo ascendant Taurus : You want more than anything to give you a solid foundation: a family, comfort, well-being. The Sun of the Lion meets here the beautiful Venus of the Bull. You are a builder. You are of a demonstrative temperament, your intellect is brilliant and well embodied. You like it or you don’t like it, it’s white or black, and you don’t do it in lace when you have to say your way of thinking. You like to be admired, but for the right reasons. Your integrity is without a doubt your best business card. Your leadership is indisputable and undisputed. You can even borrow your theatrical sense of humour to make your point or to get your messages across. Your biggest flaw would be the lack of flexibility. The too great pride of your zodiac sign sometimes plays you bad tricks in your loves, your social, friendly or family life.

Leo rising Gemini

Leo ascendant Gemini : You love studies, knowledge, writing. Your communication skills are undeniable. You also enjoy partying, pomp and you can conquer almost every heart. The Sun — the Lion Star (because the Sun is a star) gives you the allure of a conqueror and the strategic intelligence of Gemini (Mercury Spouse the Sun) brings nobility to your behaviors, reactions or outbursts. In other words, even angry… you are beautiful to see! Not always, but you have enough class not to seek to hurt others with impunity. You tend to want to understand everything, and in every detail, everything that happens. You know very well how to assert yourself and take the first place when situations demand it. You easily charm your entourage. You’ve mastered the art of public relations.

Leo rising Cancer

Leo ascendant Cancer : You want to give birth to a work, to make your creative impulses real. Also, you may spend too much or you may tend to “buy” other people’s love. Your family becomes your kingdom and your family authority is powerful. You like to decorate your home and make it a place of pleasure – good food, sought-after wine, a table always well put with small thoughts for each of your guests and, etc. In short, you are welcoming and receptive, but just as lonely. Strange combination, isn’t it? Some family secrets or worries from the family have brought you both feet on the ground. The Sun meets the Moon… your nature is dreamy and introverted. Your worst flaw is that you often act like a spoiled child and draw attention to your emotions. Your desire for protection is great and you are an incorrigible romantic. Artist in the soul, you are filled with the fear of shining or being judged by others. A tendency to withdraw into yourself, to protect yourself, shows a great vulnerability.

Leo rising Leo

Leo ascendant Leo : A double Fire inhabits you and this gift of life, you must learn to tame it, to master it, in order to refine your personality and to better assert yourself. You surely have a royal allure! Your presence alone imposes it! You are a passionate being and you manifest this quality through art or martial arts. Lying and deception are not part of your vocabulary! But when you use such schemes, it is always for a good cause! If there is anyone loyal in friendship and love, it is you! You hate to have to explain everything, it is a waste of time in your eyes. The dark side of such a power is a certain ease of arrogance and exaggeration. You are a great romantic.

Leo rising Virgo

Leo ascendant Virgo : You may be suffering from the syndrome of “blameless”. You will agree that you have a lot of weight to bear. In short, you do everything in your power and, all the time, to avoid being criticized. Who is never criticized in his life? You are a devoted being, a big heart on two legs, always anxious to be blameless. Otherwise, you are more discreet and withdrawn and you surely suffer a lot from your condition since the Lion likes to shine and your Virgin ascendant resists this possibility. You possess all the qualities of the sign of the Virgin: a beautiful head inside and outside. Your leadership is focused on the job well done. The little methodical and picky side of the Virgin also inhabits you. Some of you have surely chosen to express your capacity and potential in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons or missions like Doctors Without Borders, etc.

Leo rising Libra

Leo ascendant Libra : The beautiful Venus (Libra) gives you this little I don’t know what really pleases you! You appreciate the worldliness! You love the pomp, the beauty, but in its most classic dimension. You like to negotiate or arbitrate, as the case may be, because for you the human factor has no secrets. You quickly and well understand the stakes, the needs of the ego involved and the protocol to respect. You are the most exteriorized Lion capable of bringing warmth to others. You are afraid of feeling rejected. The only problem is that this fear generates your biggest flaw: by being afraid of being rejected, you take all the light and the others do not have the chance to shine and impress you in turn. Thus warned, you will be able to make the changes necessary to recreate a beautiful relational life. You are also a great project initiator. You can be stubborn (Libra) and strong in character (Leo) and these two forces push you to impose them on others.

Leo rising Scorpio

Leo ascendant Scorpio : You like success and you like to have an influence on society in general. You may be interested in politics. Or you’re an activist who’s always willing to stand up for the rights of the widow and the orphan. Otherwise, you work in a company that allows you to express your creativity and your intense personality. Accomplishing, realizing, producing, controlling, developing are just a few action verbs that will delight you. You are a dynamic researcher, an outstanding detective, a psychologist, psychoanalyst or psychiatrist very involved in his community. Otherwise, you do your job for the sole purpose of getting results, and sometimes that intention plays nasty tricks on you. You are called to take a position of power or authority in life. It appears that you will act with great human know-how, which is to your credit. Your loved ones are well aware of your determination, which too often turns into a sort of domination according to your moods. In short, you have a little “freak control” side.

Leo rising Sagittarius

Leo ascendant Sagittarius : You like to surpass yourself, go higher and higher and, too often, it makes you lose your sense of proportion. In other words, by pushing yourself and others to the limit, you are forgetting the human factor. You have no pity for the weak or for those who do not take themselves in hand in life. You love travel (Sagittarius), but the Lion pushes to enlarge its field of consciousness. Therefore, travel must serve personal evolution. You will never hesitate to push the boundaries of your identity, to explore truths through knowledge, knowledge, study or exploration. You make an excellent guide, teacher or trainer, adventurer (the Sagittarius again). The philosophy, the faith that moves the mountains, the great esoteric knowledge fascinate you enormously. You must feel the taste of travel, of the stranger, of the distant. Beware of your tendency to play roles and take everyone away (the Lion) and you will have a happy life.

Leo rising Capricorn

Leo ascendant Capricorn : From the top of your ivory tower, you stare at ordinary people, surely wondering why they refuse to take charge of themselves, to get out of their predicament, to rise up in life? Simply because it is not an ascending Lion Capricorn! Do you understand? You share with Capricorn the same sense of duty, the same powerful ambition, the same determination, the same desire for social and personal, spiritual and moral elevation. You are an aristocrat at heart, a leader of men, a great politician or a great builder. In short, this “aristocratic” trait is in you and it seems to have embedded itself. You are in search of perfection and, of course, it does not exist! This relentless quest misleads you because you will never be perfect, and neither will the others! Thus warned, you will spare yourself from the bad trials of life. You are capable of such detachment that your loved ones and friends are often taken aback. The great heart and generosity of the Lion will always save you the day.

Leo rising Aquarius

Leo ascendant Aquarius : Aquarius is here energized by the solar power of Leo. By solar power, astrology means the strength of character, the inherent know-how of Leo and his ability to manage difficulties. Except that pride here is multiplied by two! Pride is therefore your cute sin. Pride kills its master … you knew that? It kills in the sense that you may have lost loved ones because of it, opportunities to get emotionally involved in relationships and lead them to the right place, chances of finding love. By raising your head too high, you forget to spread out on the world, and it is for this reason that you suffer so much loneliness and a serious lack of love. Thus warned, you are now able to come down from your pedestal to put yourself in step with others. You sometimes have to reduce yourself just like a great chef reduces the sauce to give it more body and taste. This picture is worth a thousand words! Of all the Lions, you are surely the most individualistic, and that is not a defect. We would all be better off to be a little more, but if it is pushed to the extreme this same quality becomes a defect.

Leo rising Pisces

Leo ascendant Pisces : The natural benevolence of Pisces makes you a sensitive and naturally empathetic being. But, because there is a but, you are sometimes too opportunistic. The need for personal affirmation is very powerful here. You are a creative being with a surprising power of achievement. In fact, you always give yourself with passion. You constantly check the limits (which is very Pisces) of your creativity, the boundaries of your deep being since spirituality surely plays a primary role in your life. The Lion is proud and this pride you wear like a standard. In other words, you often mix pride and love… “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of my work, I’m proud of my life”, but what happens when the other one doesn’t make you proud? How do you react? You know it now, in short, you are warned, it only remains for you to act accordingly to undo this bad relational karma that has surely isolated you from others, from love, friendship or family, at times. You do not lack boldness, generosity and loyalty in life. Too directive, your authority can be annoying sometimes.

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