How to Become a Lion in Real Life

How to Become a Lion in Real Life !

The King of the African Jungle

The King of the African Jungle

Are you watching documentaries about Lions in Africa ?? If so, then you must have noticed that they are powerful predators on their territories and are cruel carnivores within their tribe. Adult male Lions are the strongest animals in the world, and no one dares approach or challenge them. Their thick and abundant mane and shiny coat are synonymous with royalty ? which is why they are characterized as the King of Wild Animals. Everything about these felines shows a touch of astral royalty. When they devour a carcass of meat, when they set out to conquer a new stronghold or when they roar ferociously with their powerful jaws. A male carnivore always has a dominant attitude and lives like a true leader.

lion who fights wildly with strength

? But their lives as wild animals are full of dangers, difficulties and problems. There is no room for mistakes, for it only takes one to cause them to lose their lives, their reign or their young. Does your life always seem unfair to you? Lions live every day at the expense of wild animals that are becoming increasingly rare. Also, hunting is not an easy task, their chance of success is only 18%. Faced with humans, their dilemmas are greater because they do not have the right to a second chance.

Have you ever seen a Male Predator that wants to abandon its prey ? ? They fight savagely to hunt, take out claws and canines on their Lands, but they never give up. They often fail to hunt herbivores such as zebras, gazelles or wildebeest. But do they give up? No. They insist on succeeding because they are so hungry that nothing and no one can stand in their way. Hidden in the warm vegetation of Africa, the feline lurks for its prey ?.

lion head faced Savannah

So, what drives them not to surrender to the primitive and wild nature in which they dominate? The answer is survival. The only thing that keeps them alive is survival. Many Lions ? lose their status as lords of land mammals, their heirs and queens to other Lions, but they never give up life.

Here Are 10 Life Lessons From the King of the Savannah:

1. Your Goal Must Be Your Reason for Living.

lions hunting zebras

Set yourself a life goal and work hard at ? to achieve it, consider that there are no loopholes. You have to take action, it will make you alive and happy deep inside. As Lions were born to hunt and rule, recognize that you were born to achieve your life purpose. See your purpose and your work as a source of motivation. They will support you through good times and bad. Tell yourself that the glory is temporary, but the fun at work and the sense of accomplishment are permanent ?.

2. Fail and Get Up: “Everybody Wants to Eat, but Few Are Willing to Hunt.”

Lions fail more than eight times out of ten when hunting ?. But it allows them to hone their skills and catch bigger prey ? to feed their troops. In the same way, you also have to face your failures and evolve each time you face them. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! You need to study and analyze your mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them. Never forgot yourself and be the best version of yourself every day. In the animated film “The Lion King“, Timon tells Simba: “When the whole world persecutes you, you must persecute the world”.

3. Focusing on a Single Goal Is the Key.

lion concentration on prey

When Lions go hunting, they “velvet paw” ? and focus on the prey ?. They are on the lookout, ready to pounce, but they make the right decisions at the right time to make their assaults a success. Now, imagine if a Lion was making noise, would he be a good hunter? The answer is no! So, what’s the bottom line? Talking too much makes us lose our concentration. Don’t talk to everyone about your goals and what you are doing, stay discreet and focus entirely on the target ?. In an ancient African tale, it is said: “You don’t build anything by talking too much, take your time and keep quiet”!

4. Always Trust Each Other.

lions clan

At all times, Lions ? and Lionesses support each other through good times and bad. They contribute together as good partners to the survival of the pride of the species. We should therefore learn and understand that strength is in the clan. It is important not to break the trust of the spouse or partner. In addition, we must all support each other in overcoming the problems and difficult situations in our lives.

5. In the Troop, Survival Is All That Matters.

Lions ? don’t hurt anyone for no reason. But, when an opposing fellow Lion tries to mark his territory, threaten his females or cubs, then he spares no effort to put up a tough fight. Likewise, we should focus on our own improvement. However, if someone tries to ruin your career plan or your love life, instead of being disappointed, you should fight back ⚡ and defeat those envious hyenas.

“The world is a jungle. Either you fight and dominate or you hide and disappear.”

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6. Have Fun in Life!

lion lioness dominating together

Lions go through a difficult wildlife ? filled with daily struggles. But they don’t let them ruin their everyday moments. They always enjoy every minute with their fierce fellow creatures. They play and take care of with each other. The moral you have to remember is that you have to make sure you enjoy every moment of your life and your future ?. There is no point in running, you have to be consistent in your effort. So leave your stress and worries at work and when you get home, savor the time you spend with your family or in your love life.

7. Live Your Own Life!

lion roar dominate savannah

You forget yourself too often, especially when routine sets in and that’s when life loses all its meaning. So get a grip and fight back! Like a Lion ? would do against a rival beast who wants to take his place as clan leader. So stand up, make decisions for yourself and think like a Lion, a ? king, a leader. Rediscover yourself as a Savannah leader.

8. Don’t Let Hyenas Take Over Your Territory.

In their lives, Lions are often faced with protecting their territory from hyenas. In your life, hyenas can be an overly bossy boss, a family member who belittles you, or a friend who takes advantage of you ?. What do Lions do when their territory is in danger? They defend it, they fight it, and even though hyenas are powerful rivals, the Lion always comes out the winner ?!

So be a Lion, get the hyenas out of your life and surround yourself with people you trust, who mean well and will help you rise to the top.

9. Disregard What Others Think.

lion resting on rock

When the dominant Lion sleeps peacefully ? on his rock, does he think about what the Lioness or Cub thinks of him? No, never. What matters is what he thinks of himself. He does not think about the day when a younger Lion will come to take his place. He thinks about the day to day, he knows that at the moment he is the leader of the clan and that he is the strongest. Regardless of what others think, that’s when you become strong. You have to have a good opinion of yourself, with your faults and your qualities, because that is what makes you you. While living in accordance with your values, your principles and your dreams.

10. Take Your Place in the Life Cycle.

A great Lion ? once said, “When everyone wonders what he can win, a true king wonders what he can offer.

sunset lion on rock

Every day you will meet harmful people, people who want you to fail and want to feel superior to you ?. You will have to rise above this by taking your place in your clan. To do this, you have to be brave, brave as a Lion.

Lions teach us to dominate the problems of human life, to live and think like a true winner. As someone rightly said, “If size really mattered, ? the elephant would be the King of the Savannah.” Likewise, every animal‘s life is full of struggles and we can learn a lot from them to succeed and prosper in our own lives. Next time you watch a documentary about Lions, try to learn from them.

white male lion savannah africa

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