Does the Lion Hunt or the Lioness

Does the Lion Hunt or the Lioness ?

1) Who Is the Lion, Considered the King of Animals?

Do you have a special fascination for Lion ? But are you familiar with the one who is considered the King of Animals? And above all do you know if the Lion hunts 🦁 ? We explain in this article whether or not a Lion is a hunter.

Before answering the main question of this article, whether the Lion is a hunter, we will first review some generalities about this animal, commonly known as the King of Animals ⚜️.

A. The Lion, the King of Animals

dominant lion dark mane

Usually, when people talk about the Lion, he is nicknamed the King of the Animals of the African savanna 🏞️ . This nickname comes from his mane which is majestic and golden and can easily be compared to the crown πŸ‘‘ of a King. The Lion looks very elegant when observed and gives an impression of dominance with his mane. You should know that its mane can also determine the age of the animal you see. Indeed, the darker the mane of a Lion, the older it is.

Savannah sunset dominant lion

Moreover, the image of the Lion, considered as the King of the Savannah ⚜️ is even more reinforced in the collective imagination with one of Walt Disney’s most famous animated films, The Lion King, where this animal is indeed represented as the King of all animals. All children, from a very young age, therefore see the Lion as the animal King of all animals, the chief of the tribe.

B. Some Physical Characteristics of the Lion

lion with dark mane walking

First of all, it is important to know that the Lion is a carnivorous mammal that belongs to the felidae family of the feline genus. Geographically, the Lion lives mainly in sub-Saharan Africa but it can also be found in Asia. Lions are the largest carnivorous predators in Africa 😈 . It is found in Savannah, dry forests and semi-arid sub-Saharan areas. In Asia, the Lion is smaller than the one found on the African continent. It is present only in a forest in northwest India in the Gir National Park and Sanctuary, which is protected from poachers.

A male 🦁 Lion measures between 1m50 and 2m10 and as an adult it can reach a mass between 140kg and 215kg. The female Lioness is smaller in height and weight than the male and measures between 1m36 and 1m98. She can weigh between 110kg and 170kg. The Lion is a very impressive animal since over short distances, it is able to reach a speed of 80km/h ⚑.

At the level of reproduction, in the natural environment, it is necessary to know that the Lioness has a gestation period of 110 days. At the end of this gestation period, the Lioness gives birth to two to four young 🐱. The young cubs begin to follow their mother in their hunt at the age of 14 weeks.

C. The Lion, an Animal That Lives in a Group

lion lioness cubs herd

The Lion 🦁 unlike other felines, is an animal that lives in a group. Lions form social groups and only old, sick or injured Lions are animals that become solitary. Lions troops usually consist of 3 to 30 animals. They cover an area of 20 to 500 square kilometers. Lions mark the boundaries of their territory with their urine πŸ™€ and feces. Generally, young male cubs stay in their home group until they reach sexual maturity.

Lions communicate with each other in a variety of ways. The best known and most characteristic is the roar. Vocal communication whether by growling, grunting or roaring is indeed a mode of communication widely used by the king of animals. And the roar of an adult male is very impressive. Thus, on a clear night πŸŒ‘ the sounds of Lions can be heard up to 8 kilometers away. πŸ”Š

Finally, Lions and Lionesses are bound by very close ties and have equal rights within the same group. One can even say that they base their survival on these close links between males and females.

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D. The Lion, an Animal That Sleeps a Lot

sleepy lion on rock

After talking about roaring and before talking about hunting, we will first discuss another important point to know about Lions. The King of Animals ⚜️ is a very sleepy animal. In fact, a Lion takes a nap about 15 hours a day. For their nap, Lions are used to rest in shady places.

So you’re going to tell me, but where does a Lion find time for hunting? Well despite these long hours of siesta πŸ’€ we will see that yes the Lion finds some time to hunt and of course to defend his territory.

E. The Lion, Defender of His Territory and Hunter

lion hunting buffalo savagely

We can therefore say that certainly the Lion spends many hours a day sleeping 😴 certainly there are many preconceived ideas that only the Lioness hunts, yet according to a recent study, yes lion does hunt well himself as well. Contrary to our imagination, it is a fearsome predator that is opportunistic and hunts herbivorous game. πŸƒ

2) the Lion Hunt for Preconceived Idea

For many years, many people have claimed that the Lion did not hunt. For a long time, it was believed that only the Lioness hunted, the Lion’s mission being to defend his territory. However, despite the preconceived ideas that persist about the Lion, recent studies affirm that the King of Animals ⚜️ is also a hunter even if it is not his main activity.

Indeed, Lionesses spend more time than males hunting and they always do it in groups. The Lion has more of a role of protector of the troop πŸ›‘οΈ and is in charge of defending his tribe. But, when he does not nap quietly in the shade, the Lion is a hunter. However, it is difficult to see him in action since he only hunts at night and in areas of dense vegetation 🌳, which is why the hunt for Lions is not so easy.

A. The Lionesses, the Majority of the Herd’s Hunters

lioness hunting zebra

In a troop of Lion, it is the females ♀ who are mainly in charge of the hunt. Indeed, the Lionesses hunt about 80 to 90% of the food necessary for the survival of the tribe. If the Lions hunt well, it is still the Lionesses 😼 who are in charge of the hunt. And the Lions are therefore partly dependent on the females for the survival of their troop even if they are quite capable of fending for themselves, contrary to some preconceived ideas.

Lionesses always hunt in groups and never alone. They are very organized and generally act at dusk, dawn or night πŸŒ™ to take advantage of the darkness to give them an advantage over their prey 🐾 who see them only late. Lionesses hunt in areas where the horizon is clear, unlike Lions, which forces them to act in groups and develop highly organized strategies since they are more visible to their prey. It is important to know that a Lion is a carnivore and eats an average of 7kg of meat per day, so that is a lot of hunting for an entire group. πŸ™€

B. Lions, Defenders of the Territory

lion head dominate Savannah

On his side, the Lion, while the females hunt, is in charge of defending the territory of the group. He will therefore fight more πŸ’₯ to defend himself than to hunt for food. The Lions actively fight any intrusion that might be on their territory or any prey that dares to threaten their group. In a group of Lions, it is the males β™‚ who are responsible for their territory and beware of anyone who tries to venture into a place that belongs to them.

3) Under What Conditions Does the Lion Hunt?

So we saw that the Lion 🦁, despite spending a large part of the day resting and napping quietly in the shade, was responsible for defending the territory of his group while the females hunted a large part of the food πŸ₯©. However, the Lion is also a hunter but in very special conditions. The King of Animals hunts in solitary, in areas of dense vegetation and at night πŸŒ™ to take advantage of the darkness.

A. The Lion, a Solitary Hunter

lion hiding in grass hunting

The Lion, unlike the Lionesses who only hunt in groups, is a solitary hunter. Contrary to popular belief, the Lion would be a good hunter even if he seems much less organized than the Lionesses because of his hunting technique. Being alone, he does not need as much organization as the Lionesses who hunt in herds. The Lion is more looking for hiding places to take his prey by surprise 😈.

Wild Lions hunt mainly in areas of dense vegetation and at night to hide as much as possible and gain surprise. In the conditions in which he hunts, the King of the Animals ⚜️ is almost impossible for man to observe, which is why it is difficult to know his techniques precisely and why some people have long claimed that only lionesses hunt.

B. A Need for Dense Vegetation to Hunt

lion camouflage in the savanna

The Lion 🦁 therefore hunts alone and when he goes in search of prey, he is used to do so always in places of dense vegetation. These areas allow him to set up ambushes more easily and to be much less spotted by his prey. The denser the vegetation is, the more vulnerable the animals that our fawn-coated feline seeks to hunt are, so its success will be much greater in these areas. The Lion looks for places to hide until the last moment before attacking its prey 😈. The dense vegetation is therefore ideal for this purpose.

C. The Lions, a Nocturnal Hunters

Lions Nocturnal Hunters

Moreover, for even more discretion, the Lion is used to hunt at night πŸŒ‘ to take its prey more by surprise. The Lion can also hunt at dawn or dusk, but always at times of the day when it is dark. The less the area is lit, the better the lion will be able to hunt with his hunting technique. The darkness gives him a definite advantage, so it is quite naturally that the Lion 🦁 has established itself as a nocturnal hunter in the wildlife of Africa. It is therefore easy to understand that the darkness associated with areas of dense vegetation, makes the Lion almost impossible to observe when he is hunting.

lion under the african moon

The Lion πŸ‘‘ is thus a very good night hunter on the African plains. Its hunting habits make it difficult to observe it in its natural habitat and therefore leave a clichΓ© that says that only Lionesses are responsible for the hunt. However, in a group of Lions, the females are indeed the main hunters of the troop while the Lions are in charge of the protection of their territory.

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