Lion Egypt

The Lions in Egypt !

Today the Stylish Lion takes you on a journey to discover the lion’s connection to Egypt! It is important to know that the symbol of the lion was extremely powerful in Egypt, both as a religious and cultural association. These creatures were venerated and many representations of them were visible. 1) The first Appearances of …

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lion facts you didn't know

15 Lion Facts You Didn’t Know !

Today we present you with some incredible facts about the lion and its status as the king of animals. As described in Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language (1755) the African lion is “the fiercest and most magnanimous of the four-legged beasts”. Let’s find out 15 must-know facts about lions without further ado: 1) …

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american dentist kills lion

American Dentist Killed Cecil the Lion

For the moment, the Zimbabwean authorities for the protection of nature have only incriminated the two Zimbabweans suspected of having participated in the killing lion operation with the American dentist : Theo Bronkhorst, whose family has a company specializing since 1992 in large leopard hunts in northern Zimbabwe, and Honest Trymore Ndlovu, owner of the …

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