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Lion Vs Buffalo Who Will Win

Lion Vs Buffalo Who Will Win ?

WARNING: SENSITIVE VISITORS, LEAVE THIS PAGE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE Today, Stylish Lion® 🦁 is hosting a classic savannah showdown between a herbivore known for its legendary aggression and the King of the Savannah: Lion vs. Buffalo 🐃! Of course, Stylish Lion® is not looking forward to this bloody fight ⚔️ whose outcome is not …

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Tiger versus lion

Tiger versus lion

Lion VS Tiger – Who would win ? Tigers are the kings of the jungle. Lions rule the plains. But face to face, who would win? We asked ourselves that question and we’ll answer it. Article written by Stylish Lion®. In the circuses of ancient Rome, exotic beasts often competed against each other. The lion …

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maasai lion

Maasai Lion : Hunting and Habitat

The Maasai lion, also known as the East African lion, is a subspecies of the African lion (Panthera leo) found in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Congo. It is classified as vulnerable Whether you’re a fanatic of the most beautiful animal the earth can know, or you’re just here to learn more about …

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lion senegal

Lion of Senegal

How many lions are there in Senegal? How big is the king of the animals on this earth? What symbolism does it have in this country? How does the Niokolo-Koba National Park deal with the threat to the feline? Welcome to Lion Kingdom! These questions, we ask ourselves today and we answer them with the …

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Lion in Heraldry

The Lion in Heraldry !

The lion is a common representation in heraldry. Traditionally it symbolizes courage, nobility, royalty, strength and courage, and has always been considered the “king of animals“. This feline also refers to a Judeo-Christian symbolism. Indeed, the Lion of Judah is represented in the coat of arms of Jerusalem. A lion of comparable appearance is found …

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