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American Dentist Killed Cecil the Lion

For the moment, the Zimbabwean authorities for the protection of nature have only incriminated the two Zimbabweans suspected of having participated in the killing lion operation with the American dentist : Theo Bronkhorst, whose family has a company specializing since 1992 in large leopard hunts in northern Zimbabwe, and Honest Trymore Ndlovu, owner of the farm where the lion’s remains were found earlier this month.

“Theo Bronkhorst’s hunting license has been suspended with immediate effect,” the park authorities (ZPWMA) and the Safari Operators Association (SOAZ) said in their statement, adding that the lion’s trophy (its head with skin) has been “confiscated.”

Zane Bronkhorst, his son, who holds a professional hunting license, is also wanted on suspicion of complicity.

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The Killing of Cecil the Lion : a National Drama

“That such an iconic lion was killed is a real loss for local tourism and a great source of anxiety,” commented Emmanuel Fundira, president of the safari operators’ association.

Cecil was wearing a collar. This means that he was chosen for research and study purposes. He was also popular with visitors to Hwange Park who were fascinated by his black mane and always wanted to know where he was,” he added.

“The sad part of all this, now that Cecil is dead, is that the next lion in line, Jericho, will probably kill all of Cecil’s cubs in order to place his own offspring with the females as is the normal social rule among lions.
The hunters, none of whom had a license to kill the animal, will be brought to justice for “poaching”.

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The American Dentist, the Killer of Cecil the Lion Comes Out of His Silence

After several weeks of silence, the wealthy trophy hunter maintains that the hunt in which he killed Cecil the lion in July was not illegal.

The American dentist Walter Palmer, who killed Cecil the lion, the emblematic feline of the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, will return to work in his office. This was announced on Sunday, September 6, in an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The Killing of Cecil the Lion : a Trophy Hunting

The 55-year-old trophy hunter is ending weeks of silence after the virulent international controversy that followed the death of Cecil the lion in July. The American maintained that the hunt in which he killed Cecil the lion was not illegal and that he did not know he was killing an iconic lion.

“I need to get my team and my patients back.”

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Walter Palmer reveals that this story had been difficult for his wife and daughter, who were threatened on social media. He also expressed concern for the impact on his employees. “I need to get back to my team and my patients. They want me back. That’s why I’m coming back,” he asserted.

He declined to say whether or not he would agree to return to Zimbabwe if the courts asked him to. A lawyer present at the interview added that there had been “no official allegations that he had done anything wrong. However, Zimbabwe had called for the dentist’s extradition in early August, through its environment minister, Oppah Muchinguri, “so that he can be tried for the offences he has committed”.

The American Dentist Paid $50,000 to Kill Cecil the Lion

The dentist also refuted what he called “false information” circulating in the media. In particular, he assured that he had not paid 50,000 dollars for this bow hunt. Without however indicating if he had paid more or less than this sum.

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